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The API page can be accessed from the Settings menu (direct link). It presents user credentials (the User ID and the API Token) and displays a QR code which can quickly load the user credentials into some applications.

User ID (UUID) Edit

The User ID or Unique User ID (UUID) is a complex hexadecimal number that Habitica automatically generates when a player joins, similar to a username.


You'll need it to:

To find your User ID, go to Settings → API (direct link).


You can also find the User ID of other players in their profile.

To find someone else's User ID, click on that person's name in Tavern Chat or any other Habitica chat room. It will be displayed on their profile. If you are already in a party with them, you can view their profile by clicking their name in the Members box on your party page.

API Token Edit

The API token is a unique security code generated along with your User ID. It is similar to a password so it is essential that you keep this token private and never share this token with any untrustworthy applications or people!

To find your API Token, go to Settings → API (direct link).

QR Code Edit

The QR code may help a user set up their account on the mobile Habitica app (does not work with the official Android app). Since it contains your API Token, do not share the QR code with any untrustworthy applications or people.

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