The Achievements tab under User.

A player's Achievements and their corresponding badges are found in the Achievements tab, located in the player's profile. (direct link for own's profile).

The existing achievements and their corresponding badges are listed in the following sections, sorted based on its placement on user profile. Some achievements, such as Kickstarter-related achievements, are no longer available. Some achievements can stack, while others can only be obtained once.

Basic AchievementsEdit

Badge Name Description Still Available? Stackable?
X Streak Achievement(s) Has performed x 21-day streaks on Dailies [consecutive scheduled dates on any Daily]. Each achievement buffs item drop chance bonus subtotal by 0.5%. Yes Yes
X Perfect Day(s) Has performed x perfect days. With this achievement you get a +level/2 buff to all stats for the next day. Yes Yes
Party Up Joined a Party with another person! Have fun battling monsters and supporting each other. Yes No
Party On Joined a Party with at least four people! Enjoy your increased accountability as you unite with your friends to vanquish your foes! Yes No
Joined a Guild Ventured into the social side of Habitica by joining a Guild! Yes No
Royally Loyal This user has checked in over 500 times, and has earned every Check-In Prize! Yes No
Joined a Challenge This user put themselves to the test by joining a Challenge! Yes No
Invited a Friend1 This user invited a friend (or friends) who joined them on their adventure! Yes No
Quest Completionist: Masterclasser Series2 Completed all sixteen quests in the Masterclasser Quest Series and solved the mystery of the Lost Masterclasser! Yes No

Beast Master3

Has found all 90 original pets x times (insanely difficult, give this user props!) [Only counts Generation One original pets. Unlocks Master Key to the Kennels.] Yes Yes

Mount Master3

Has found all 90 original mounts x times (even more difficult, give this user props!) [Only counts Generation One original mounts.] Yes Yes

Triad Bingo3

Has found all 90 pets, all 90 mounts, and found all 90 pets AGAIN x times (HOW DID YOU DO THAT!)

[Only counts Generation one original pets and mounts. Makes Key to the Kennels free.]

Yes Yes
Healer Has upgraded to the maximum equipment set for the available classes. [They are earned based on class; you can get all of them by rebirth or changing classes. If you have already bought the gear, this Achievement is awarded immediately.] Yes No
Cheery Chum4 Hey! Hi! Hello! Sent or received x greeting cards. Yes Yes
Greatly Grateful4 Thanks for being thankful! Sent or received x Thank-You cards. Yes Yes
Birthday Bonanza4 Many happy returns! Sent or received x birthday cards. Yes Yes
Congratulatory Companion4 It's great to celebrate your friends' achievements! Sent or received x congratulations cards. Yes Yes
Caring Confidant4 Well-wishes are always appreciated. Sent or received x get well cards. Yes Yes
Lucky Letter4 Wishes for good luck are great encouragement! Sent or received x good luck cards. Yes Yes
Began a/X New Adventure(s) Used an Orb of Rebirth to start over after attaining a certain level. Each achievement buffs item drop chance bonus subtotal by 5%. Yes Yes

1In order to receive the Invited a Friend badge, the following conditions must be met:

  • You invite a person who does not yet have an account to either a party or guild (public or private)
  • They create an account in Habitica within seven days (the invitation expires after that)
  • They create the account after following the link from the email they were sent when you made the invitation
  • They create the account using local authentication (i.e., they enter a login name and password).

When this badge was introduced on 8 August 2017, the badge was "back awarded" to anyone owning a Basi-scroll.

2The following quest chains must be completed to get the Completionist achievement:

3After the first Beast Master, Mount Master, and/or Triad Bingo achievements are earned, use Key to the Kennels to release the pets and/or mounts. Collect and/or raise them again, but simply doing so will not earn the badge. The pets and/or mounts need to be released again to earn and stack the badges.

4These achievements require cards, which can be bought and "casted" on party members.

Seasonal AchievementsEdit

Badge Name Description Still Available? Stackable?
Habitica Naming Day1 Celebrated x Naming Days! Thanks for being a fantastic user. During Habitica Naming Day Yes
Habitica Birthday Bash1 Celebrated in the Habitica Birthday Bash During Birthday Bash Yes
Annoying Friends2 Got snowballed x times by party members. During Winter Wonderland Yes
Alarming Friends2 Got spooked x times by party members. During Fall Festival Yes
Agricultural Friends2 Got transformed into a flower x times by party members. During Spring Fling Yes
Aquatic Friends2 Got splashed x times by party members. During Summer Splash Yes
Savior of Dilatory Helped defeat the Dread Drag'on of Dilatory during the 2014 Summer Splash Event! No No
Savior of Stoikalm Helped defeat the Abominable Stressbeast during the 2014-2015 Winter Wonderland Event! No No
Savior of the Flourishing Fields Helped defeat the Burnout and restore the Exhaust Spirits during the 2015 Fall Festival Event! No No
Savior of Mistiflying Helped defeat the Be-Wilder during the 2016 Spring Fling Event! No No
Savior of the Shattered Helped defeat The Dysheartener during the 2018 Valentine's Event! No No
Costume Contestant3 Participated in the Habitoween Costume Contest. See some of the entries on the Habitica blog! During the Costume Challenge Yes
Auld Acquaintance4 Happy New Year! Sent or received x New Year's Cards. During Winter Wonderland Yes
Adoring Friends4 Aww, you and your friend must really care about each other! Sent or received x Valentine's Day cards. During Valentine's Day Yes

1These achievements require participation in yearly events. They stack every year, so if you missed the event one year, it will be back the next!

2These achievements require transformation items that are only available for purchase at the relevant Grand Gala. It is possible to earn the achievements at other times if the item has been purchased previously. Each time the item is "casted", the streak achievement will increase by 1.

3These achievements require participation in Community Challenges that are only available for a limited time. The Challenges do occur annually. So if you didn't participate one year, there's always the next year!

4These achievements require cards, which can be bought and "casted" on party members.

Special AchievementsEdit

Badge Name Description Still Available? Stackable?
Helped Habitica Grow Helped Habitica grow on x occasions, either by filling out a survey or helping with a major testing effort. Thank you! 1 Occasionally Yes


Has contributed to Habitica (code, design, pixel art, legal advice, docs, etc.). Want this badge? Check out Contributing to Habitica. [See Contributor Rewards.] Yes No
NPC Was a backer at the highest Kickstarter tier. No No
Kickstarter Backer Backed the Kickstarter Project. No No
Veteran User Has weathered Habit The Grey (our pre-Angular website), and has gained many battle-scars from its bugs. [See also Veteran Wolf.] No No
Original User!

One of the very original early adopters. Talk about alpha tester!

No No

1 This achievement is for official surveys created by Habitica staff and does not apply to unofficial surveys (anyone wishing to conduct an unofficial survey must first email Staff ( to describe it in detail and to request permission).

Other AchievementsEdit

Badge Name Description Still Available? Stackable?
Completed the following quests [Every quest you complete is listed here as a separate entry.] Yes Yes
Challenge Winner Was the winner in the following challenges. [Each challenge you win is listed here as a separate bullet point.] Yes Yes

Viewing Other Players' AchievementsEdit

Achievements small

Achievement badges below user profile, scrolling down will show more sections

You can view the achievements earned by another player on the achievements tab in their their profile. This is done by clicking on the player's name in chats, or on their avatar if they are in your party. You will be able to see all badges that they have earned, including the challenges they've won and the quests they did with their party.