Whether it is helping you motivate yourself to socialize, avoid meltdowns, or practice self-care, Habitica offers value for people on the autistic spectrum, helping to build structure and set clear goals.

Guilds Edit

The Autistic Adventurers' Guild is a supportive space for autistic people, including self-diagnosed, in using Habitica.

Guilds are also a great way to find people going through the same experiences and to connect with others.

Challenges Edit

There are a number of challenges that you might find useful, such as the Check Your HP! Challenge, which helps take control of your emotions. It is created in partnership with Take This. [More specifics to be added]

Tasks Edit

Clear Task Setting Edit

While for all users of Habitica it is important to be clear about what tasks mean, this can be especially important for people on the autism spectrum.

Modifying Behavior and Environment Edit

Self Care Edit

Self Care is important for everyone's mental health! While rewards are a great way to enforce self care, it may be necessary to use tasks to promote it.

Habits Edit

Positive Habits Edit

Positive habits are a good way to celebrate something good, no matter how big or small. For example, a player can create a Positive Habit for "Have a successful conversation or social interaction".

They are also a great way to reinforce good actions! You can use them for a variety of things- including, but not limited to- emotions, energy, understanding one another, and social anxiety.

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