An example of a header, with the player's avatar is on the far left and the avatars of other members of the player's current party to the right.

The Avatar is a visual representation of the player's character. A player's own avatar appears in the top left corner of the screen, on the left side of the header. If the player is in a party, their partymates' avatars will also appear in the header.

Clicking on your own avatar usually takes you to your Tasks page; if you are already on the Tasks page, it takes you to the Customize Avatar page in the User tab instead. Clicking on a party member's avatar brings up that player's profile.

New AvatarEdit

When you first create your account, your avatar will have generic features and the default blank background. All avatars begin with slim body, bangs 1, hair base 2, hair color 4, blue shirt, basic skin 6, and flower 1. This will let you practice changing the different aspects of your character.

Customization OptionsEdit

There are many ways to customize the appearance of your avatar. From the User menu's Customize Avatar option, you can change your body type, shirt, hair style and color, and skin color, as well as optional extras such as eyewear and wheelchairs. These options are explained in detail on the Avatar Customizations page. You can further dress up your character with equipment

In addition to customizing your character's body and clothing, you can further embellish your avatar with a pet, a mount, and a background.

See also Cosplay and Costume Carnival for avatar costume ideas.

Information Shown in AvatarEdit

Avatar with contributor tier and rebirth

From this avatar, we can tell that the player is tier 6, level 65, is buffed, and has used an Orb of Rebirth.

In addition to customization options, avatars contain some information about a player. A small box at the bottom right of a player's avatar displays the player's level. This same box contains an arrow icon if the player is currently buffed, as well as a + icon if the player has used an Orb of Rebirth. If the player is a contributor, this box will appear in the color corresponding to their tier; otherwise it will be grey.

Mousing over a player's avatar causes their username to appear in the upper left corner of the avatar.


The avatar of a player who is resting in the Inn

Additionally, if a player is Resting in the Inn, their avatar's eyes will be closed and 'zzz' will appear next to their head.

Altering Friends' Avatars Edit

Main article: Transformation Items

During the Grand Galas, there are items available for purchase that you can use to change your party members' avatars (or your own). Any of these can be bought and stored up for use at any time of year. When you or your party member's avatar is transformed, no equipment will be shown, but pets, mounts, and backgrounds will still be visible. 

If one of these items is used on you, a 5 GP potion will appear in your Rewards that you can use to return your avatar to normal. If you do nothing, your avatar will return to normal at your next Cron.

Note that if you want your party member to see the effects of your item, you will want to wait until after you know they have checked in for the day. Otherwise, their Cron will process when they check in, which will remove the effect immediately.

Available During Item Resulting Avatar Antidote
Winter Wonderland Snowball
Spring Fling Shiny seed
Shiny Seeds
Petal-Free Potion
Summer Splash Inventory special seafoam
Sea Creature
Fall Festival HabitRPG-Spook-Dust
Spooky Sparkles
Opaque Potion

See AlsoEdit

Information for Developers

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Avatar display:
Current version of file: website/views/shared/header/avatar.jade
Older version with link to starting line: June 2015
This file contains a mixin named avatar that is used to create a user's avatar display. It also contains a mixin named herobox which is used to display the avatar in the header (for both the user's avatar and their party's avatars) and user profile modals.

Additionally, the order of the avatar display settings in the file indicate the order that they are "drawn" on the screen; the layers are added one at a time from in the order they're processed (top to bottom). When the layers overlap, the order that they were added determines which layer is displayed. The layer that was added most recently (i.e., is lower in the file) is the one that is displayed.

Avatar customization page (User -> Avatar):
Current version of file: website/views/options/profile.jade
Older version with link to starting line: June 2015