Bookmarklets are browser bookmarks containing JavaScript code that adds new features or display options to a webpage. This page lists bookmarklets that are for the Habitica website or that are for any website but that might be useful to Habiticans.

To install one of the bookmarklets below, first create a new bookmark in your browser by using your browser's "new bookmark" feature or by bookmarking any webpage. Edit the bookmark to change its URL to contain nothing but the JavaScript command shown below. Change its name to any text that is meaningful to you. If you want easy access to it, put it in your bookmark toolbar.

To use the bookmarklet, click on it while you are viewing the appropriate website.

Show All NotificationsEdit

This bookmarklet will display all of the task-related notifications that appeared since you last reloaded the Habitica website.


Show Last NotificationEdit

This bookmarklet will display the most recent task-related notification, if you have received one since the most recent time you reloaded the Habitica website.


Make Markdown Link to Wiki PageEdit

This bookmarklet can be used on any webpage (not just a Habitica page) to create a link to that page in Markdown format. Such links are suitable for pasting into the Tavern or any guild or party chat or into your tasks.

javascript:prompt('Markdown link for this page:','['+document.title.replace(' - Habitica Wiki - Wikia','')+']('+document.location.href+')')

Hide System Messages in Party ChatEdit

The bookmarklet hides the system messages from the party chat. As result, only chat from your party's members will be visible, without needing an extra chat extension.

Beware: This bookmarklet hides messages that are highlighted in grey and lack the "@" symbol. Therefore, messages that you were mentioned in that don't include an "@" will be hidden, so make sure that references to players' usernames are always preceded by "@" (or improve this code!).

javascript:(function()%7BjQuery('ul.tavern-chat .highlight').not(':contains(\'@\')').hide()%7D)()

To show the system messages again, use the following:

javascript:(function()%7BjQuery('ul.tavern-chat .highlight').not(':contains("@")').show()%7D)()

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