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A tool that helps you analyze your challenge, allowing you to view all challenge participants, analyze how often they click/complete tasks, export chat (with or without system messages for parties), and choose winners, including random winners and more. If you are the challenge owner, you have the ability to bulk private message participants, gift gems, or award the challenge within the tool. You can export to the following formats: Excel, CSV, PDF, as well as copying or printing the results. For additional documentation, please see the Documentation area in the Challenge Data Tool page.

Please report bugs in the Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools guild. Code can be found at Github. Contributions are welcome.

Sections Available
  • Overview: Overview of Challenge with some challenge Stats.
  • Participant List: A table listing profile information of each participant of the group.
  • Participant Activity: A table listing how active each participant of the group is (date-hour format).
  • Per Participant Stats/Random Winner: Allows the picking of a Random Winner and individually seeing each participant stats
  • Tasks Overall: A table listing the summary completion statics for each task of the challenge. Great for comparing Guild Versus Guild.
  • Participant Overall: A table listing the summary completion statics for each participant of the challenge.
  • Participant per Task: A table listing the summary completion statics for each participant for each task of the challenge.
  • All Task History: A table listing the each time a task was completed for all tasks for all participants.
  • Chat Export: Displays the chat in which the challenge was posted, or the guild where chat messages should show, ie for Tavern, the chat from Tavern Challenge OverFlow Shows
  • Chat Export without System Msg: Will only show if party is selected. Displays the chat in which the challenge was posted, or the guild where chat messages should show.
  • Chat Export only System Msg: Will only show if party is selected. Displays the chat in which the challenge was posted, or the guild where chat messages should show.
  • Chat Likes: Shows who has liked what chat message.
  • PMs: Displays personal messages you have exchanged with participants of this challenge.


Login Options
ChallengeDataTool LoginPage
To access and use this tool click on the Challenge Data Tool link and then fill in your User ID and API Token.

Click the Get Challenges I Own button and select one of the challenges you own. Or Alternately, In the Challenge Id field, enter the challenge ID/URL for information about any challenge. For example, enter or only ac35928b-16ad-4c10-9136-348183bd7955 if you wish to fetch data for the Take This! Check Your HP! Official Archive Challenge.

There are two drop-down menus, Column Option and Text Format. The Column Option drop-down menu allows you to choose what the tool will display for you. For Column Option, you can select from (in order from least to most information) Baby Bear, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear. The Text Format drop-down menu allows you to choose how the tool displays the text. The options for Text Format are (in order from most to least formatting) Hot Porridge, Warm Porridge, and Cold Porridge. For example, Warm Porridge displays and exports text formatting with emoji and converted text while HTML is removed.

Once your options are selected, click Get Challenge Data, to retrieve the data for your challenge.

Guild Chat Redirection

For some guilds a separate guild has been set up to handle the chat overflow. The most famous is for the Tavern, the [1] Tavern Overflow. If the Guild chat is redirected, Chat Export/Likes show the chat from the redirected guild. This will be indicated in the header. For example: Guild: ⚔ The Duelling Grounds ⚔ (Guild Chat: ⚔ The Duelling Grounds - Scoring Board ⚔)

If know of guild where the chat is redirected please request in the guild chat of Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools guild

Table Sorting

Most sections contain tables that can be sorted. To sort based on a single column, select its header. If you wish to change from ascending to descending order, select the column header again.

To sort based on multiple columns, select the first column header and then hold the Shift key while selecting subsequent column headers. Again, if you wish to change from ascending to descending order for a specific column, select the header again. Selecting a column header a third time removes the sort.

Row Selecting
For challenge owners, most tables will allow performing actions on certain participants, just click a row to select a participant. To select more than one row, hold down the Control key first and then select subsequent rows. To bulk select, select the first row in your list, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last row in your list. All rows in between will be selected as well as the first selection and the last. (You can remove individual rows after bulk selecting by pressing the Control key and selecting the rows you wish to remove.)

How TosEdit

Pick a winner?Edit

Determining who has won a challenge will depend on what or winning criteria is:

  • Is the person who completes the longest streak of specific daily regardless of other habits or to-do?
  • Is it the most tasks completed (positive clicks)?
  • Is it based on activity in chat/PMs ?
  • Is it just someone at random, who has completed at least one task?

This criteria is important for you determine your winner. You can then use the specific sections to determine your "pool" of winners and then award your challenge as needed.

Determining the Streak of a DailyEdit

The Challenge Data Tool shows the following information:

  • reported streak:  This is the value a user sees on the daily. This value can be modified by Restore Streak.
  • actual streak: This is the increase value for the next time the person completes the daily.
  • actual neg streak: This is the negative streak of missed dailies based on cron.

For the actual streak, and negative streak, unless the completed daily is before the participant's cron time, ie for today, the completed time will be as of the participant's cron for that day. Therefore if the user is not switching between timezone or shifting their reset time, the maximum time will be 48 hours.

If the user is in the inn, positive and negative entries will not be recorded as the system prevents cron occurring.

If the daily start date is in the future, each time the participant crons the system will record a value difference of zero, and it will be marked in the stats as Not Due.

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