Quest Lists (By Difficulty): Easy | Medium | Hard

This page provides information about difficult quests that are best attempted by experienced and higher level Habiticans. Defeating these bosses requires diligence and determination; these bosses hit party members hard for missed Dailies and are easily capable of killing a party if enough Dailies are not completed by a party member's Cron.

These bosses have high health and generally take several weeks to vanquish, but your party's Mages and Warriors can choose to use their skills to deal more damage to bosses, limited by their Mana.

Table of All Challenging Quests Edit

name scroll availability type rewards GP XP boss
The Spirit of Spring Inventory quest scroll ghost stag 4 gems boss pet:
Deer (egg) x 3
80 800 1200 2.5
Vice, Part 3: Vice Awakens Inventory quest scroll vice3 previous part or
4 gems
(level 30)
boss equipment, etc:
Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon;
Dragon (egg) x 2;
Shade hatching potion x 2
100 1000 1500 3
The Rat King Inventory quest scroll rat 4 gems boss pet:
Rat (egg) x 3
80 800 1200 2.5
The Call of Octothulu Inventory quest scroll octopus 4 gems boss pet:
Octopus (egg) x 3
80 800 1200 2.5
Recidivate, Part 2: Recidivate the Necromancer Inventory quest scroll moonstone2 previous part or
4 gems
(level 60)
boss scroll:
Recidivate Transformed
500 1000 1500 3
Recidivate, Part 3: Recidivate Transformed Inventory quest scroll moonstone3 previous part or
4 gems
(level 60)
boss equipment, etc:
Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic;
Rotten Meat (Food) x 5;
Zombie hatching potion x 3
900 1500 2000 3.5
The Golden Knight, Part 2: Gold Knight Inventory quest scroll goldenknight2 previous part or
4 gems
(level 40)
boss scroll:
The Iron Knight
75 750 1000 3
The Golden Knight, Part 3: The Iron Knight Inventory quest scroll goldenknight3 previous part or
4 gems
(level 40)
boss equipment, etc:
Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morning Star;
Honey (Food) x 3;
Golden hatching potion x 2
900 1500 1700 3.5
Dilatory Distress, Part 3: Not a Mere Maid Inventory quest scroll dilatoryDistress3 400 GP boss equipment, etc:
Trident of Crashing Tides;
Moonpearl Shield;
Fish (Food) x 3
0 650 1000 2
The Serpent of Distraction Inventory quest scroll snake 4 gems boss pet:
Snake (egg) x 3
73 725 1100 2.5
The Sabre Cat Inventory quest scroll sabretooth 4 gems boss pet:
Sabretooth (egg) x 3
67 650 1000 2
Terror in the Taskwoods, Part 3: Jacko of the Lantern Inventory quest scroll taskwoodsTerror3 400 GP boss equipment, etc:
Taskwoods Lantern (Two-Handed Weapon);
Strawberry (Food) x 3
0 650 1000 2
Lunar Battle, Part 3: The Monstrous Moon Inventory quest scroll moon3 40 Check-Ins boss equipment:
Lunar Scythe (Two-Handed Weapon)
67 650 1000 2
The Trampling Triceratops Inventory quest scroll triceratops 4 gems boss pet:
Triceratops (egg) x 3
80 800 1200 2.5
Stoïkalm Calamity, Part 3: Icicle Drake Quake Inventory quest scroll stoikalmCalamity3 400 GP boss equipment, etc:
Mammoth Rider Spear;
Mammoth Rider's Horn;
Blue Cotton Candy (Food) x 3
0 650 1000 2
Mayhem in Mistiflying, Part 3: In Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude Inventory quest scroll mayhemMistiflying3 400 GP boss equipment, etc:
Roguish Rainbow Message;
Roguish Rainbow Message;
Pink Cotton Candy (Food) x 3
0 650 1000 2

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