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A pale red bubble displays a heart for health, followed by the words - 1.9 HP

Constitution reduces the amount of HP lost from bad habits or missed dailies.

Constitution (CON) is a character attribute that affects health and defense. It is the primary attribute for Healers and the secondary attribute for Warriors.

Having a higher Constitution decreases the amount of damage (health loss) taken from your own missed Dailies and from clicking your negative Habits (e.g., succumbing to junk food). Constitution does not decrease the amount of damage received from bosses. In other words, boss damage is calculated without anyone's Constitution taken into account, regardless of whether the source of the missed Daily is you or a member of your party.

A player of any class can increase their own Constitution by allocating stat points to it or by wearing equipment that provides a CON bonus. Healers and Warriors gain additional class bonuses for wearing the CON-providing armor and shields that are specifically intended for their class.

Healers and Warriors can also temporarily buff their own and their party members' Constitution using the skills Protective Aura and Intimidating Gaze, respectively. The amount of increase in Constitution depends on the caster's unbuffed Constitution. Protective Aura is more powerful than Intimidating Gaze, so a Healer is always more effective at buffing CON than a Warrior with the same CON.


Constitution points decrease HP loss from bad Habits and missed Dailies. The HP loss from a missed Daily can be calculated ahead of time by multiplying the following three numbers by each other:

  • For Trivial tasks, 0.2; for Easy tasks, 2; for Medium tasks, 3; and for Hard tasks, 4.
  • 0.9747 raised to the power of the task's value just before Cron.
  • 1 - (CON/250), where CON is capped at 225.

For example, if a missed Daily is of Medium difficulty and its task value is 8 just before Cron, and the player's Constitution is 95, the damage is calculated as follows: 3 times 0.9747 to the power of 7 times left parenthesis 1 minus left parenthesis 95 divided by 250 right parenthesis right parenthesis, for a loss of 1.55 HP.

Here are some examples of damage by missed daily.

Difficulty Task Value Constitution Damage Received
Trivial 8 95 0.1
Easy 8 95 1.03
Medium 3 15 2.67
Hard 0 25 3.69
Difficulty Task Value Constitution Damage Received
Easy 0 6 2.00
Medium 0 87 2.00
Hard 0 128 2.00
Difficulty Task Value Constitution Damage Received
Easy 7 30 1.50
Medium 23 30 1.50
Hard 34 30 1.51

You can try other values using This Simulator

Note that a Daily with a partially complete checklist has damage reduced proportionally. Also note that this calculation does not include damage from a boss.

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