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Dailies list

The Dailies list, with sample Dailies.

Dailies are used to track tasks scheduled in a known, repeatable fashion. This allows a player to incorporate a task into their everyday routine (example: working out, flossing) or into a weekly routine (example: Saturday morning call to Mom). To view other examples of Dailies, refer to Sample Dailies. There is no limit to the number of Dailies players can create.

Note that even though this feature is named "Dailies", a player can set the Daily to repeat at other intervals - for example, once every two days, or once every Saturday. More instructions on how to do this can be seen below.

Effects of DailiesEdit


When a Daily is checked off, it turns grey and the player gains experience points, gold, mana, a chance of a drop, a chance of a critical hit, and an increased streak count.
Daily reward example

Example reward for completing a Daily

The amount of mana earned on checking off a Daily does not depend on the Daily's history: the player always earns 1MP or 1% of max MP, whichever is higher.


Dailies have a check box that the player marks when the task is completed. Habitica records how many days in a row the player checks off a Daily as a streak. Longer streaks have several advantages.


If the player is participating in a quest, all checked Dailies will deal damage to the boss or help find collection items. The totals are tabulated and reported through the party chat at the player's Cron.

Unchecking a DailyEdit

If a checked off Daily is unchecked, it returns to its normal color, the streak counter decreases by one, and the player loses the experience points, gold and mana they received when first checking off that Daily. The next time that Daily is checked off, slightly less gold will be awarded to the player. Damage to a boss is not removed, so repeatedly checking and unchecking Dailies may defeat the purpose of a quest. If a drop is received, it is also not removed when the Daily is unchecked. This is intended behavior; see Issue #4626. This behavior has been leveraged by some users in creating a Wishing Well.

Uncompleted DailiesEdit

If a Daily is not checked off by midnight or Custom Day Start, the player loses health points and the streak is reset to zero. If the player is participating in a boss quest, the boss will do damage to the player and to all other quest participants in the player's party. Additionally, the player will earn less mana on Cron when leaving Dailies unchecked.

Other EffectsEdit

If a player consistently checks off a Daily, they will earn less gold and experience from that Daily over time. However, the player will also lose less health if the Daily is skipped occasionally. The reduction in gold earned is partially offset by the small gold bonus earned from increasing the streak.

If a player often fails to check off a Daily, the missed task will cause more health loss. However, more gold and experience are earned when the Daily is checked off. The Dailies mechanic is designed this way to encourage players to work on their shortcomings.

Setting up the Dailies ListEdit


To set up the Dailies list:

  • Add one or more Dailies to suit your personal goals - Consider starting slowly and do not over-burden yourself or overestimate what can realistically be done on a regular basis. It's easier to add more later (and not feel like you're cheating) than to overestimate and have to delete or "grey out" items.
  • Optimize each Daily's options - See "Advanced Options" below.
  • Start tracking!

Add New Daily Edit

Entering a Daily

Entering a new Daily

Here are more detailed instructions on how to add a Daily to your Dailies list:

1. To begin, simply type the title of the Daily into the white box below the "Dailies" heading and click the "+" button. For instance, if you want to encourage yourself to clean the kitchen, type "Clean the Kitchen" into the text field. 2. Clicking the plus button puts the new Daily at the top of the list of current Dailies.

3. If you have trouble with the task you added (in this case, cleaning the kitchen), you might want to change the difficulty to Hard. Click on the pencil icon next to the task to bring up the task editing screen. Editing a Daily

And that's it! You've added a new Daily. See the section below for details on what options are available for customizing your Dailies and how to do so.

Animated Demonstration
Add New Daily(Demonstration)

Adding Multiple Dailies Edit

Dailies Add Multiple Option
To add several Dailies at once, click the "Add Multiple" link. The entry box will expand, allowing you to enter several Dailies. Click the "+" button when finished.

To add multiple Dailies with tags, select a tag, then add your Dailies.

Animated Demonstration
Adding Multiple Dailies(Demonstration)

Editing a DailyEdit

Editing a Daily Click on the pencil icon to bring up the Daily editing screen.
Dailies Add Checklist Option Checklist: Players can use checklists on Dailies to help keep track of sub-tasks.
Dailies Title Option Text: The name of the Daily (Emoji can also be used).
Dailies Extra Notes Option Extra Notes: Information about the Daily. These extra notes will show up in a pop-up bubble from the player's Task screen. The extra notes can then help clarify its context, and can help when the Daily is gamified.
Dailies Week Repeat OptionOR

Dailies Every X Days Option

Repeat: Click the arrow to either choose "On Certain Days" or "Every X Days".

On Certain Days: the days of the week will be shown and you can click on the days of the week that you do NOT wish the Daily to be due. Click again to reverse. 

Every X Days: a textbox will appear, and the player can enter the interval at which the Daily will be due. For example, entering '2' will cause the Daily to skip a day.

Dailies Tag Option Tags: Use tags to help filter the tasks that are shown. This is useful if you have many Dailies or wish to focus on a particular type of task.
Dailies Advanced Options Advanced Options: Click to reveal advanced options.
Dailies Task Alias Option Task Alias: Use the Task Alias field only if you use third-party plugins. Values must be unique, and can only use alphanumeric characters, dashes, or underscores.
Dailies Start Date Option Start Date: The player can enter a future date at which they want the Daily to become active. Before the date, the Daily will not be due and will not damage the player.
Dailies Difficulty Option Difficulty: Trivial Dailies will be rewarded with less gold, but will deal less damage if left unchecked at the end of the day. Medium and hard Dailies will be rewarded with more gold, but will deal more damage if left unchecked. The player should adjust its difficulty according to the difficulty of the task in real life.
Dailies Attribute Option Task Attribute: Only appears if the task-based auto-allocation feature is turned on. Click on one of the available attributes to set the task's attribute. Habitica will use the task attributes to distribute the player's attribute points when they level up.
Dailies Restore Streak Option Restore Streak: Manually restore a lost streak due to a sync error or personal reasons.
Dailies Save Option Save & Close: Don't forget to click this to keep the changes you've made!


Here is a Checklist

Sometimes a task, such as "Clean the Kitchen", has many sub-tasks involved. Players can use checklists on Dailies to help keep track of these sub-tasks. If a player does not complete all sub-tasks, checking off completed sub-tasks protects the player from some damage and earns them partial mana when the day is over.

For a full description of checklists in Dailies, see the Checklists page.

Animated Demonstration
Adding Checklists

Repeat OptionsEdit

Click the arrow to either choose "On Certain Days" [of the week] or "Every X Days". The selection you make will affect the options shown under "Repeat Every".

If "On Certain Days" is chosen, then the days of the week will be shown and you can click on the days of the week that you do NOT wish the Daily to be due. Click again to reverse. 

If you chose "Every X Days", then a text box will show instead of the days of the week and you can enter your preferred interval. 

An example of using the start date and repeat every option together is:

  • You've been using an every-3-days Daily for a while and you need to skip a day but still have it due every 3 days after that. You'd advance the start date to the next day it should be due after the skipped day.

Advanced OptionsEdit

Each task is unique, and the Advanced Options feature allows the player to modify a task in accordance with how difficult it is or what aspect of the player's real life it affects.

Start DateEdit

Here, you can enter a future date at which you want the Daily to become active. Before the date, the Daily will not be due and will not damage you after each Cron. This feature allows you to enter Dailies that you are thinking about or want to put down, but don't need just yet.

Two examples for using the start date are:

  • You are on vacation and don't need your work-related Dailies. Instead of unselecting all the days of the week, all you have to do is set the start date to the first day that you go back to work. The Daily will then be a Grey Daily until that date arrives.
  • You create a new Daily that must happen every 3 days and the first time it must happen is the day after tomorrow. You'd choose the start date as being the day after tomorrow.  

Difficulty Edit


The task difficulty and attribute selection screen.

The levels of difficulty are trivial, easy, medium, and hard. When a new Daily is added, the difficulty will be set at easy. Trivial Dailies will be rewarded with less gold, but will deal less damage if left unchecked at the end of the day. Medium and hard Dailies will be rewarded with more gold, but will deal more damage if left unchecked. This feature allows the player to tweak the game and adjust its difficulty according to the difficulty of the task in real life: if flossing is less difficult for you than washing the dishes, those two Dailies shouldn't have the same difficulty level.

Attributes Edit

If the task-based auto-allocation feature is turned on, Dailies may be set to have a particular task attribute. In the Advanced options menu, click on one of the available types under Attributes to designate it as having that attribute. The available types are Strength, Intelligence, Perception, and Constitution. If task-based auto-allocation is used, new Dailies are created with the Strength attribute by default and the player can change the default attribute by choosing another attribute. Habitica will use the task attributes to distribute the player's attribute points when they level up.

Restore Streak CounterEdit

Manually restore a lost streak due to a sync error or personal reasons. See Restore Streak Counter.

Grey DailiesEdit

If a Daily shows up as grey, it means that either:
GreyDailyChecked The player already checked that task off today.
GreyDaily That particular task is not scheduled for today. The player:
  • Will not lose health points for not doing the task.
  • Will not break their streak by not doing the task.
  • Can do that task for gold and experience and to boost the streak.
  • Can damage a quest boss by completing it.

For more information about the rest of the color scheme, read What do the Task Colors Represent?

If you are having a hard time understanding the color scheme of Dailies, you can follow this simple little mnemonic Habitica Contributor Taldin wrote: "If it's red to blue, it's still something to do, if it's looking quite grey, you're done for today."

Checklists in Grey DailiesEdit

Checklists for Grey Dailies do not carry over from one day to another if you complete the whole Daily. The next morning, Cron will untick the Daily and untick all of its checklist items.

However, this does NOT happen for a Grey Daily if you did not mark the Daily itself as completed. Cron will not untick any checklist items until the end of a day when the Daily was due or until you complete the Daily itself. You can see uses for this in Checklists.

Alternative uses for Grey DailiesEdit

While they primarily represent tasks that have either already been checked off or are not scheduled for the day, Grey Dailies can serve other uses.

Long-Term Tasks Edit

Grey Dailies can be useful for representing once-a-week tasks by removing all scheduled days of the week. Because Grey Dailies can still be checked off at any time, garnering gold, XP, and streaks, they continue to serve as tasks without any specific time-bound due dates.

Players who prefer to keep their to-do lists more immediate can also track other long-term tasks or even overarching goals with Grey Dailies. A Grey Daily with SMART goals or a checklist can keep a player's mind on the next milestone.

Daily dividers

Grey Dailies used as organizing headers/dividers.

Headers Edit

By disabling all scheduled days on a Daily, players can add headers or dividers by utilizing the Markdown formatting capabilities of Habitica to better organize their Dailies.

Practice Edit

Grey Dailies can also be used for tasks that a player wants to do regularly eventually and wants to avoid losing HP for not being able to complete it while the task is still a new addition to the player's routine.

Some players might want to leave this type of "stretch" Daily active during the day, so it is more eye-catching and doesn't blend in with other types of Grey Dailies, and use a custom reward to allow themselves to turn it off before Cron if they haven't been able to complete it. This can be an effective alternative to HP loss for motivation, depending on play style.


It can be inconvenient to tick off Dailies for actions that occur late in the day. For example, a Daily for "Turn off PC and phone by 9 PM" cannot be ticked off after you have performed those actions! In such cases, a Yester-Daily can be created by describing an action that you took on the previous day: "Turned off PC and phone by 9 PM yesterday". That Daily can then be ticked off first thing in the morning, if you completed the task on the previous night.

X Times Per Time Period DailiesEdit

If you wish to complete a task x times during a certain time period of y days (e.g., 3 times a week), without a set interval between each instance:

  • Create a Daily with a start date in y days' time and repeating every y days. For our example of 3 times a week, the Daily would repeat every 7 days with a start date in 7 days' time.
  • Create a checklist with x items. For our example, we would create a checklist with 3 items.
  • Each time you perform the task, tick a checklist item off. When the Daily is grey, the checked boxes will not reset after Cron.
  • At the end of the time period (e.g., after 7 days), check off the Daily if you completed the entire checklist, and receive your rewards.
  • Alternatively or additionally, create a positive Habit to click each time you perform the task/complete one item from your checklist. If you do not wish to check off the Daily at the end of the time period, in order to not receive extra rewards, you will lose no health if all checklist items have been ticked off. However, you will not get a Perfect Day buff the next day.

Rearranging DailiesEdit

Rearranging Tasks

Rearranging a Task

Dailies can be rearranged by dragging them and dropping them in their new position or by clicking the Push to Top button. Holding down Ctrl or Cmd while clicking Push to Top causes it to push the Daily to the bottom.

Animated Demonstration
Rearranging Dailies(Demonstration)

Help ButtonEdit

The help button is in the top right corner of the Dailies column. Clicking this button reveals some quick information about Dailies and how to get started with making tasks, etc. The help button is a faster and more immediate way to help you with your Dailies, while this wiki page provides more in-depth information.

Dailies Tabs and Default SettingEdit

You can declutter your list using the tabs at the top and bottom of the Dailies column. Options are All, Due, and Grey. Clicking the Due tab shows only those Dailies which are active for that day. Clicking the Grey tabs shows only Grey Dailies.


Tabs to select which Dailies are shown in list


Change default Dailies to due option

There is an option in Settings to change the default tab to Due for active Dailies.

Viewing Dailies with Data Display ToolEdit


Trash day is Tuesday

A quick way to view the active days for all your Dailies is to use the Data Display Tool (DDT), which can be accessed from the Data button on your toolbar. Once you have selected the Task Overview section in the DDT, you can filter the task type to be `Daily`. This will give you a listing of all your Dailies, grey or active. In the right column will be a small bar showing the days of the week for which your Daily is set to repeat. Black lettering and box outline indicate that the Daily is due on that day, while the days on which the task is inactive are in grey.

You can also use the DDT to view your Dailies History for the past week (subscribers retain full history from the date of their subscription) and Dailies Incomplete.

Preventing Undue DamageEdit

There may be times when you cannot complete all your Dailies but you don't want to take damage for them or damage the members of your party if you're questing. Resting in the Inn is always an option that you can activate quickly by clicking the Rest button in the Tavern.

However, sometimes resting in the Inn and pausing your account isn't the best option. For instance, you may have a special event in the evening so you only want to pause those Dailies that would occur during the hours of the event. Or you may be feeling ill and can only complete half of your Dailies. You would like to make those specific Dailies temporarily and easily non-relevant so that you don't get damaged for not completing them.

Start DateEdit

You can use the start date feature of the Dailies to change when they will become active. Changing or setting a start date to at least one day in the future will change them to Grey Dailies for the current day.


You can make a one-item checklist for the Dailies you don't want to be penalized for missing and tick that checklist on those special days. You can call the checklist item "Event day" or "Not feeling well". You won't get rewards but you also won't take damage. You will lose your streak, but you can restore the streak counter by editing those Dailies the following day.

Grey DailiesEdit

You can turn the Daily grey by removing all days on which it must be done. You can re-select those days at any time.


If you are a Rogue, you can cast your Stealth skill to hide from some of your incomplete Dailies. The Data Display Tool's "Dailies Incomplete" section will tell you which Dailies have been "stealthed".

See AlsoEdit

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