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Promo checkin incentives

Promo image displaying some of the Daily Check-In prizes

Daily Check-In Incentives are a feature designed to reward players for logging in to Habitica each day. For every day that players check in, their check-in counter will increase. Once a player has checked in for a certain number of days, they will receive a reward.

How it WorksEdit

Every day a player checks in to Habitica, their check-in counter will go up. When the check-in counter reaches certain numbers of days, the player will be given a prize.

This feature is available on both the website and iOS and Android mobile apps.

Pop-ups let you know when your check-in counter increases and when you receive a prize. Note that the website pop-up tells you the number of check-ins you have left until your next prize, whereas in the apps, the pop-up tells you the total number of check-ins required to get the next prize.

Accessing User > Profile (direct link) on the website allows you to view your check-in counter as well as a bar showing your progress towards your next check-in prize.

Check-In Counter Mechanics Edit

The check-in counter uses Cron to count the days, but there are safeguards in place to prevent players from changing their Cron to unfairly cheat the system.

The counter only began to count check-ins after the feature was introduced, so the counters started at zero for all players who were using Habitica before that time.

The counter will never be reset. Thus, the Daily Check-In feature rewards players for every day during which they use Habitica, even if they miss a few days, rather than rewarding them for checking in consecutively, like streaks. This encourages players to check back in after an absence from Habitica.

Players will be rewarded, and their check-in counter will increase, regardless of whether or not they are resting in the Inn.

Prizes Edit

Prizes start out being awarded frequently and become less frequent over time (i.e., every five check-ins after 30 check-ins).

Prizes are awarded when Cron runs on applicable days. When this happens, the player will see a pop-up that informs them of how many times they have checked in, their prize, and how far away their next check-in prize is.

Prizes include special equipment, new quest scrolls, food, and unique hatching potions. Currently, prizes for the first 100 days have been created (and are shown below). Others will be added below once they are released.

Show/Hide Daily Check-In Incentive Prizes

Day Incentive Image
0 Quest scroll: The Feral Dust Bunnies mini-quest Inventory quest scroll dustbunnies
1 Bardic Robes Armor special bardRobes
2 Plain Background Set Background blueBackground purpleBackground greenBackground yellowBackground red
3 Bardic Cap Head special bardHat
4 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
5 Food: Meat, Chocolate, Pink Cotton Candy Meat-0ChocolatePink candy
7 Quest scroll: Lunar Battle, Part 1:
Find the Mysterious Shards
Inventory quest scroll moon1
10 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
14 Food: Strawberry, Potato, Blue Cotton Candy Strawberry2Potato2Blue candy
18 Bardic Lute Weapon special bardInstrument
22 Quest scroll: Lunar Battle, Part 2:
Stop the Overshadowing Stress
Inventory quest scroll moon2
26 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
30 Food: Fish, Milk, Rotten Meat, Honey FishMilk-0
Rotten meatHoney-0
35 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
40 Quest scroll: Lunar Battle, Part 3:
The Monstrous Moon (final part)
Inventory quest scroll moon3
45 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
50 Saddle Pet Food Saddle
55 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
60 Page Armor Broad armor special pageArmor
65 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
70 Page Helm Head special pageHelm
75 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
80 Page Banner Weapon special pageBanner
85 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
90 Diamond Stave Shield special diamondStave
95 Royal Purple Hatching Potion Pet HatchingPotion Purple
100 Saddle Pet Food Saddle
105+ More prizes will be given on the 105th check-in and every fifth check-in thereafter, and will consist of a mixture of equipment pieces, saddles, and Royal Purple Hatching Potions. These prizes have not been released yet but will be soon and will be automatically given to everyone who has the appropriate number of check-ins.

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