Find the Cub was the second quest in Habitica and also the first available collection quest. It was released as part of the Winter Wonderland 2013-2014 event. This scroll was originally available in the Market for 4 gems until January 31st, 2014.

This quest is the second part of the only two part quest line following Trapper Santa (though it is not dropped on completion of Trapper Santa). You can purchase the scroll and use it even if you haven't finished Trapper Santa.

The scroll has been available again in the Seasonal Shop during each subsequent Winter Wonderland. Once purchased, there is no time limit on use of the scroll.


When Trapper Santa captured the polar bear mount, her cub ran off into the icefields. You hear twig-snaps and snow crunch through the crystalline sound of the forest. Paw prints! You start racing to follow the trail. Find all the prints and broken twigs, and retrieve the cub!


Quest evilsanta2 branches
Quest evilsanta2 tracks
Collect 10 Broken Twigs Collect 20 Tracks

On CompletionEdit

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You've found the cub! It will keep you company forever.


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Achievement: Find the Cub x1
Polar Bear Cub
Polar Bear Cub (note that this appears in your inventory under Rare Pets, not Quest Pets)
Experience Points
100 experience
20 gold

Quest Line Edit

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: December 25, 2013
  • Writers: Lefnire
  • Artists: Scroll - Uncommoncriminal, Pets - Shaner, Promo Art - Eevachu