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Group plans are a way of supporting Habitica while providing a more group-centric experience, allowing group members to share tasks. Groups who may wish to use a group plan include families, health and wellness organizations, employee teams, or anyone with overlapping tasks. The feature is currently in beta and was launched on December 21, 2016.

The Group Plans page can be accessed under the Social tab (direct link).


You can use the group plans feature by upgrading a private guild or party that you already own (click the "Upgrade" button near the top of the page), or by creating a new guild through the Group Plans page. Any guild that has a group plan can be accessed through the Social > Guilds screens on the website or mobile apps. A party that has a group plan can be accessed as normal through Social > Party.

When a guild or party has a group plan, only the leader can send invitations to join the guild or party, since each accepted invitation increases the cost to the leader.


A group plan allows the guild or party leader to create and manage a shared task list for the group's members and allows the members to view and claim tasks.

From the group's page, the leader can:

  • Create, edit, and delete tasks in the "Group Tasks List" tab.
  • Mark any task as requiring special approval so that they can verify that the task was completed before that user gets their rewards. This is done in the "Advanced Options" section of the task's edit screen.
  • Assign any task to one or more group members (including the leader themself) by using the "Assign Task" field under "Advanced Options". Want a coworker to answer a critical email? Need your roommate to pick up the groceries? Just assign them the tasks you create, and they'll automatically appear in that person's task dashboard. However assigning tasks is not essential; you can choose to leave them unassigned and allow the group members to claim the tasks themselves. You can also assign a task to some member(s), while allowing the other member(s) to voluntarily claim the same task.
  • See which tasks are awaiting approval from the "Tasks Awaiting Approval" tab (not available to other members of the group).
  • Approve any task awaiting approval from the "Tasks Awaiting Approval" tab. This causes the member who completed the task to be given the XP, GP, and MP earned from the task.
  • View the subscription costs or update the payment method or cancel the subscription from the group's "Subscription" tab.

From the Group Tasks List page, any group member (including the leader) can:

  • View all tasks.
  • Claim a task that they are working on by clicking the "claim" button. The task will be automatically copied to your own task list.
  • See which members have claimed a task or been assigned a task by hovering over the "claim" button. There is no distinction between whether a member claimed or was assigned a task.

After a group task has been copied to a group member's own task list, it can be edited in some ways (e.g., the member can add checklist items or notes). The member cannot edit critical details such as the task title, difficulty, due date, etc. The leader can edit certain aspects of a group task after the task has been created (e.g., title, difficulty, due date, etc) and the changes will be synced to the personal copies of the task that any guild members already have. This is similar to how challenge tasks can be edited by the challenge owner. One significant difference between challenge tasks and group plan tasks is that for group tasks, both leader and member can add checklist items, without each player's items overwriting the other items.

After a group task has been copied to a group member's own task list, the member can mark the task as completed (or click the plus or minus buttons for Habits, or claim Rewards). If the group leader has not marked the task as requiring approval, then task completion works in the same was as a normal, non-group task: the member's stats (XP, GP, etc) are modified as normal, and the task disappears (for To-Dos) or changes color (for Habits and Dailies). However if the task requires special approval, the task does not disappear or change color and the member's stats are not adjusted until the leader has approved the task.

In the group's chat area, the members and leader can chat privately with the entire group, as for any private guild or party. The chat area can be accessed by using the group's "Home" tab or by navigating to the guild or party as usual through the Social menus. Whereas most chat areas only hold a history of 200 messages, a group plan's chat history limit is raised to 400 messages.


Group plans are a monthly paid plan, with a recurring price of US$9 every month, plus US$3 a month for every additional group member (the group leader's membership is included in the US$9 price). This helps fund the continued development of group plan features, as well as the free version of Habitica.

If you create a new guild through the Group Plans page, the normal four-gem cost for the guild is not applied. The guild is created with no gems in its guild bank and four gems are not deducted from your Habitica account. However, if you add a group plan to an existing guild, you do not receive a refund of the gems that you used to create the guild, but the gems do remain in the guild bank for you to use for challenges, as normal.

Group plans are not linked with subscriptions. If you want to have a subscription and also add a group plan to your guild or party, you will have to buy them separately, and can later cancel either one without the other being affected. If you are a subscriber, you can become a member of any existing group plan without your subscription being affected and the group's leader needs to pay the normal US$3 per month for your membership in the plan.


Group plans are still in beta, and additional features are upcoming. If you have any feedback, send an email to If you have questions, the best place to ask them is in the Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild, which you can reach from Help > Ask a Question on the website or from Guilds on the mobile app.

Corporate PlansEdit

Group Plans

Table comparing features of the different corporate plans

Corporate plans are not directly related to group plans. Currently, there are three types of corporate plans in development: family, group, and organization plans. The family plan is intended for families to use, the group plan is intended for small groups or organizations (like a large interest group), and the organization plan is designed for large-scale commercial use by businesses. However, the only group plan that is currently available for purchase (through the Corporate Plans page) is the organization plan. Those interested in purchasing a family or group plan are able to make expressions of interest through a contact form on the same page and will be notified when these plans are available.

The features of each corporate plan vary to allow for variation in the needs of the user. For example, an organization may prefer a custom domain through which its workers access the features of Habitica, while a family does not require such a feature. The features for each type of corporate plan are listed below.

  • Family: private organization, a maximum of 10 members, the ability to purchase gems with gold, and infinite leader gems.
  • Group: private organization, a maximum of 75 members, 5 support hours per month, the ability to purchase gems with gold, and infinite leader gems.
  • Organization: private organization, a personal database and server, a custom domain, unlimited members, priority support, 10 support hours per month, the ability to purchase gems with gold, and infinite leader gems.

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