A CLI client for HabitRPG created using the HabitRPHPG PHP library.


Download both HabitRPHPG PHP library and this tool from GitHub, then edit the tools/config.php file and set your user ID and API token there. Then call the 'habitrpg.php' file from command line. For more ease of use, create a link to that file in any folder that is in your execution path.


Usage: habitrpg [<action> [<data>]]


       habitrpg                                Shows the user's status - Name, Level, Health, Experience, Gold and Silver
       habitrpg task [<search string>]         Lists all the tasks of the current user
       habitrpg habit [<search string>]        Lists all the Habits of the current user
       habitrpg daily [<search string>]        Lists all the Dailies of the current user
       habitrpg todo [<search string>]         Lists all the To-Dos of the current user
       habitrpg reward [<search string>]       Lists all the Rewards of the current user
       habitrpg + <task keyword>               Mark the task as done. <task keyword> is a string within the task name. If it matches a unique task, that will be marked done. If not, a list of matching tasks are shown.
       habitrpg - <task keyword>               Mark the task as not done. <task keyword> is same as last command.
       habitrpg help                           Shows this screen

Work in progress.

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