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The inaugural Habitica Naming Day was July 31, 2015. On this day, HabitRPG officially became Habitica. The old name was unfortunately very confusing to people ("HabitZPR? HabitGRG?"), so it was decided to name the app and website after the land of Habitica, where all these adventures take place.

Habitica Naming Day 2015Edit

What ChangedEdit

The following message was released a few days before Naming Day to explain the changes that would happen.

In almost all cases, your accounts stay exactly the same and work normally! Only some of the names and references will be different.

Here is a list of the changes:

  • The URL will be changed from to for all links, and will automatically redirect to
  • All in-game references to HabitRPG will become references to Habitica.
  • The HabitRPG chest logo will change to the new Habitica logo.
  • Our affiliated sites, such as the Wiki, Trello, Twitter, etc. will use the new Habitica name. There are no anticipated issues with third-party tools, but the staff will be actively working with developers to help them make any necessary updates.

You can help by reporting broken third-party tools at Help -> Report a Bug.



In honor of the first annual Habitica Naming Day, everyone received the Habitica Naming Day achievement.

Purple Gryphon MountEdit

Mount Gryphon-RoyalPurple
Habitica's new logo features a Gryphon, so everyone was given a Royal Purple Gryphon mount.

Official Name the Gryphon ChallengeEdit

Habiticans were given a chance to help give the Gryphon a name through the Official Name the Gryphon Challenge. As suggested by NobleTheSecond, the Gryphon was given the name "Melior," which is Latin for "better." The name represents how Habiticans strive to become better at their goals in their quest to improve their lives.

Veteran PetsEdit

Promo veteran pets
Veterans who weathered the name change to Habitica were awarded a Veteran Pet! If it was your first Veteran Pet, you received the Veteran Wolf; if you already had the Wolf, you were given the Veteran Tiger. You can find it under Inventory > Pets, in the Rare Pets section.

Habitica Naming Day 2016Edit

On July 31, 2016, the second annual Habitica Naming Day was celebrated.


In honor of the second annual Habitica Naming Day, everyone received the Habitica Naming Day achievement.

Purple Gryphon Pet and MountEdit


Meliora, a Purple Gryphon Pet

Players who joined between Habitica Naming Day 2015 and Habitica Naming Day 2016 received the Purple Gryphon Mount. Players who had already received the mount received Meliora, a Purple Gryphon Pet.



Players received a full set of 10 pieces of cake, one of each variety. 

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