An application that allows IFTTT users to add items to their To-Do list in Habitica via the IFTTT trigger(s) of choice.


You can view instructions for setting this extension up here.

To set this extension up, you must first remix this project to create your personal copy. You can remix this project from here or by clicking the Remix This button on the top of the page.

After remixing the project, set up the .env file by inputting your User ID and API Token, which is found at API Settings. To create the GLITCH_APP_KEY, which is for security, you can create a random string of numbers and letters using or something similar to that.

From IFTTT, create a new applet by clicking New Applet.

Then, select what the IFTTT trigger for the "If" condition.

For the "Then" condition, select "Maker Webhooks" and "Make web request" action.

[more to come]