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Your Life, The Role Playing Game


Learn how to play Habitica, an open-source habit building program that treats your life like a Role Playing Game. This wiki is written and maintained by the players of Habitica. Please join us!
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Getting Started

After you finish Justin the Guide's Tour, and delete the sample tasks, you can begin your Habitica adventure in three simple steps.

Step 1: Enter Tasks

First, enter a few tasks. You can add more later as you think of them.

1a. Set up To-Dos
Enter tasks you do once or rarely in the To-Dos column, one at a time. You can tap them to edit!
1b. Set up Dailies
Enter activities you need to do daily or on a particular day of the week in the Dailies column. Click the item's pencil icon to 'edit' the day(s) of the week it will be due.
1c. Set up Habits
Enter habits you want to establish in the Habits column. You can edit the Habit to change it to just a good habit (+) or a bad habit (-).
1d. Set up Rewards
Activities or treats which you want to use as a motivation or allow yourself in moderation can be added in the Rewards column.

Bonus: If you need inspiration, see the Sample Habits, Sample Dailies, Sample To-Dos, and Sample Rewards.

Step 2: Gain Points by Doing Things in Real Life

Now, start tackling your goals from the list! As you complete activities, you will gain experience points (XP), which help you level-up, and gain gold points (GP), which allow you to purchase Rewards. If you fall into bad habits, or miss your Dailies you will lose health points (HP). In that way, the Habitica experience and health bars serve as a fun indicator of your progress toward your goals.

Step 3: Customize and Explore Habitica

Once you're familiar with the basics, you can get even more out of Habitica with these nifty features:

  • Organize your tasks with tags (edit a task to add them).
  • Customize your avatar.
  • Buy and change your equipment under Rewards and Inventory > Equipment.
  • Choose a particular class (Level 10) then use class-specific skills (levels 11 to 14).
  • Connect with other users via the Tavern.
  • After Level 3, Hatch pets by collecting eggs and hatching potions. Feed them to create mounts.
  • Defeat monsters and collect objects on quests (you will be given a quest at level 15).

Would you like more information?

Additional Resources

HabitRPG Walkthrough02:21

HabitRPG Walkthrough

Are you new to Habitica or back from a hiatus? Then this is for you.


Got a few questions about Habitica? Check if your questions have already been answered in the FAQ.

Guild/Party Pages

Want people to know more about your guild or party? Feel like it needs it's own wiki page? Well we have a place for that! Head over to The Armory to create a page in honour of your guild or party.





Android Update: Widgets, Tag Editing, and More!

We've released a new Android update which includes a much-requested feature.... WIDGETS! Now you can easily score a Habit, check out your Dailies, and view your avatar and stats.

This update also includes the ability to edit/delete tags, the ability to select your language options and which day your week starts, and various bug fixes. Be sure to download it now for a better Habitica experience!

If you like the improvements that we’ve been making to our app, please consider reviewing this new version. It really helps us out! We hope you enjoy the update.

by Viirus, DanielKaparunakis, and jbillings

iOS Update: Tag Management, Expanded Profile, and More!

We've released a new iOS update with lots of new features!

Now you can create, edit, and delete tags directly from the app, just by tapping on the Filter button. Plus, we've expanded the profile display to show blurbs, gear, and stats when you click on someone's name. Finally, we've fixed a variety of crashes. Be sure to download it now for a better Habitica experience!

If you like the improvements that we’ve been making to our app, please consider reviewing this new version. It really helps us out! Old reviews get hidden with each update, but if you go to the review section you can re-post them again with a single tap. We hope you enjoy the update!

by Viirus

GaymerX Armor

Promo rainbow armor
Promo unconventional armor2

In honor of Habitica's partnership with the GX4 Conference by GaymerX, the Rainbow Warrior set is now available from the Rewards column! It will only be available until October 2nd, so be sure to get it now.

For those of you in the Bay Area, the Unconventional Armor set will be available at the conference, so don't forget to pick up a promo card if you attend! There will also be a limited number of Habitica stickers.

We hope you enjoy your new armor!

by Lemoness and JJSpace

Last Chance for Cow Costume

Promo mystery 201609

Reminder: this is the final day to subscribe and receive the Cow Costume Set! Subscribing also lets you buy gems for gold. The longer your subscription, the more gems you get!

Thanks so much for your support! You help keep Habitica running.

by Lemoness

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