A sample header. Player avatar is on the far left. Health, experience, and mana bars can be seen to the right, as well as several members of the player's current party.

The Header is located at the top of the screen, above the task lists and below the toolbar. In its basic form, it contains the player's avatar, its health, experience, and (if the player has reached level 10 and joined the Class System) mana bars, as well as the player's current level and if the player is buffed (indicated by an arrow above the stated level).

Clicking on your avatar in the header opens the Profile menu.

Changing Header SettingsEdit

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Heading settings (Sticky Header)
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Using the Gear icon (Settings) menu, you have the option to show or hide the header using the "Show Header" checkbox. You can also allow the header to remain fixed or to scroll off the screen using the "Sticky Header" checkbox.

Party Members in HeaderEdit

When you are part of a party, the health and experience bars shrink in size to make room for the avatars of your fellow party members. Their avatars show their appearance, level, buffs, and if they are Resting in the Inn. Hovering over an avatar reveals the player's name. Clicking on an avatar reveals the profile of the player.

The header bar does not always show the most current state of your party, as it has a separate update process from your task list clicks. Reload the page to update your party.

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Sorting Party members in header
Workaround: You can click view party and sort the pop up by tier, level, name and class or use tools like the Party & Guild Data Tool for a more permanent view of members.
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From the Party page, you can choose the order in which your fellow party members appear in the header. The options are:

  • Background (Alphabetically, users with no background last)
  • Habitica date joined
  • Last time user logged in
  • Level
  • Avatar name
  • Number of pets
  • Randomly

You can also choose whether to sort in ascending or descending order.

Party members header sort order options

For parties with more than 30 members, the website header will only show 30 party members. Additionally, none of the header sorting options will cause a different set of players to appear in the header. Note: as of April 11, 2017 (v3.8.42) parties are limited to 30 members but the change was grandfathered in so parties larger than 30 still exist.