Help menu

The Help tab in the toolbar displays various helpful options to acquaint yourself with Habitica.

  • FAQ - Takes you to an FAQ page. This FAQ is much shorter than the Wikia FAQ, focusing on answering the most common questions that users have.
  • Overview for New Users - Takes you to the Overview for New Users page, which has some basic guidance on getting started with Habitica.
  • Report a Bug - Takes you to the Report a Bug guild for reporting bugs with Habitica and seeking assistance when a bug affects you.
  • Ask a Question - Takes you to the Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild, the best place to ask a question; our intrepid band of helpful Habiticans can help!  
  • Request a Feature - Takes you to the Trello card for feature requests on Trello. You will need to create a Trello account to make any suggestions. 
  • Contribute to Habitica - Takes you to the list of ways you can help improve Habitica and get contributor tiers.
  • The Habitica Wiki - Takes you to the Habitica Wikia home page.

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