In Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude is the third and final part of the Mayhem in Mistiflying equipment quest line and introduces the boss known as the The Wind-Worker. The quest can be purchased from the Quest shop for 400 gold once the previous quest in the line, In Which the Wind Worsens, has been completed.

The Wind-Worker's HP (1000) makes this a long quest and its strength multiplier (2) makes this a medium difficulty quest. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in between three and four weeks.


The Mistiflies are whirling so thickly through the tornado that it’s hard to see. Squinting, you spot a many-winged silhouette floating at the center of the tremendous storm.

“Oh, dear,” the April Fool sighs, nearly drowned out by the howl of the weather. “Looks like Winny went and got himself possessed. Very relatable problem, that. Could happen to anybody.”

“The Wind-Worker!” @Beffymaroo hollers at you. “He’s Mistiflying’s most talented messenger-mage, since he’s so skilled with weather magic. Normally he’s a very polite mailman!”

As if to counteract this statement, the Wind-Worker lets out a scream of fury, and even with your magic robes, the storm nearly rips you from your mount.

“That gaudy mask is new,” the April Fool remarks. “Perhaps you should relieve him of it?”

"It’s a good idea… but the enraged mage isn’t going to give it up without a fight."


Defeat the The Wind-Worker.

On CompletionEdit

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Just as you think you can’t withstand the wind any longer, you manage to snatch the mask from the Wind-Worker’s face. Instantly, the tornado is sucked away, leaving only balmy breezes and sunshine. The Wind-Worker looks around in bemusement. “Where did she go?”

“Who?” your friend @khdarkwolf asks.

“That sweet woman who offered to deliver a package for me. Tzina.” As he takes in the wind-swept city below him, his expression darkens. “Then again, maybe she wasn’t so sweet…”

The April Fool pats him on the back, then hands you two shimmering envelopes. “Here. Why don’t you let this distressed fellow rest, and take charge of the mail for a bit? I hear the magic in those envelopes will make them worth your while.”


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Achievement: In Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude x1
Experience Points
650 experience
Pink candy
Pink Cotton Candy x3
Weapon special roguishRainbowMessage
Roguish Rainbow Message (Weapon)
Shield special roguishRainbowMessage
Roguish Rainbow Message (Shield-Hand Weapon)

Promotional ArtEdit

Artwork featuring the The Wind-Worker was created for the New Gold-Purchasable Quest-Line: Mayhem In Mistiflying! official blog post and social media.

The Wind-Worker promo art

Quest LineEdit

In Which Mistiflying Experiences a Dreadful BotherIn Which the Wind WorsensIn Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: April 20, 2017
  • Writer: Lemoness
  • Artists: khdarkwolf and Beffymaroo

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