Infestation of the NowDo Nudibranches is a quest with a boss called the NowDo Nudibranch. Defeating this boss will unlock the Nudibranch Quest Pet. The quest scroll can be purchased from the Quest shop for 4 gems.

NowDo Nudibranch's HP (400) makes this a short quest and its strength multiplier (1.5) makes this an easy quest. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in less than two weeks. This quest is recommended for lower level (less than level 25) characters and smaller parties.


You finally get around to checking your To-dos on a lazy day in Habitica. Bright against your deepest red tasks are a gaggle of vibrant blue sea slugs. You are entranced! Their sapphire colors make your most intimidating tasks look as easy as your best Habits. In a feverish stupor you get to work, tackling one task after the other in a ceaseless frenzy...

The next thing you know, @LilithofAlfheim is pouring cold water over you. “The NowDo Nudibranches have been stinging you all over! You need to take a break!”

Shocked, you see that your skin is as bright red as your To-Do list was. "Being productive is one thing," @beffymaroo says, "but you've also got to take care of yourself. Hurry, let's get rid of them!"


Defeat the NowDo Nudibranch.

On CompletionEdit

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You see the last of the NowDo Nudibranches sliding off of a pile of completed tasks as @amadshade washes them away. One leaves behind a cloth bag, and you open it to reveal some gold and a few little ellipsoids you guess are eggs.


Achievement: Infestation of the NowDo Nudibranches x1
Pet Egg Nudibranch
Nudibranch Egg x3 (Once the quest has been completed, the eggs become available for gems in the marketplace.)
Experience Points
200 experience
31 gold

Quest Pets and MountsEdit

The eggs obtained from this quest can be used to raise the Nudibranch pets, which can additionally be fed to be raised into mounts.

Show/Hide the Quest Pets and Mounts

Base White Desert Red Shade Skeleton Zombie Cotton Candy Pink Cotton Candy Blue Golden
Nudibranch Pet Pet-Nudibranch-Base Pet-Nudibranch-White Pet-Nudibranch-Desert Pet-Nudibranch-Red Pet-Nudibranch-Shade Pet-Nudibranch-Skeleton Pet-Nudibranch-Zombie Pet-Nudibranch-CottonCandyPink Pet-Nudibranch-CottonCandyBlue Pet-Nudibranch-Golden
Nudibranch Mount Mount Nudibranch-Base Mount Nudibranch-White Mount Nudibranch-Desert Mount Nudibranch-Red Mount Nudibranch-Shade Mount Nudibranch-Skeleton Mount Nudibranch-Zombie Mount Nudibranch-CottonCandyPink Mount Nudibranch-CottonCandyBlue Mount Nudibranch-Golden

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: June 13, 2017
  • Writers: Thiam
  • Artists: Scroll - Porrompomperro, Boss - beffymaroo, Egg - amadshade, Mounts - Lilith of Alfheim, Pets - Lilith of Alfheim
  • Trello Card

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