The Inventory tab (direct link) in the toolbar on Habitica stores a player's drops, quest scrollspets, mounts, and equipment. It also provides access to the Market, where players may buy desired items or sell unwanted drops, and to the Time Travelers and Seasonal Shop.


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The Inventory page has two sections: your inventory (on the left side of the page) and the market (on the right side).

Screen Example Inventory

The Inventory section displays your drops and other items, categorized under these headings:

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 20.42.33

The Market section allows you to buy items of these types:

Quests are now available to buy in the new Quests tab (direct link) instead of the Market.

Almost all of these items must be bought with gems, but sometimes Special items can be bought with gold. Additionally, players at or above level 100 can obtain the Orb of Rebirth from the Market for free, and players who are subscribed can buy gems for gold in the Market.

Some items that can be bought with gems can also be obtained as random drops, level milestone awards, event awards, or as quest rewards.


Main article: Quests 

The Quests have been moved from being part of the Market page to being on their own page in the Inventory menu. 

The Quests page is also split into two sections: Your Quests and Quests for Sale. Each page is categorized by Unlockable Quests which are granted as the player attains specific levels, Gold-Purchasable Quests which can be bought with gold, and Pet and Mount Quests which can be purchased with gems.

Quest Inventory
Quests for Sale


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NPC Matt Boch Beast Master
Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 20.53.05

A section of a player's Pets tab.

Under the Pets tab of the Inventory, you can view and feed all of the pets you have collected, select one to display with your avatar. You can click again to disable it. You can use a saddle you have purchased or received as a daily check-in prize to instantly turn a pet into a mount.

Pets are hatched from eggs, which are common drops for completing your Habits, Dailies and To-Dos. Pets confer no benefit.


Main article: Mounts
Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 21.13.26

An Habitican riding a mount with a pet equipped.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 21.12.15

The Mounts tab, showing raised mounts, with black paw prints representing mounts that have not yet been raised.

You can see all the mounts you have raised in the Mounts tab of the Inventory, and can select one for your avatar to ride. Click again to disable it. Your avatar can display a mount and a pet at the same time.

A mount is grown by feeding a pet until their hunger meter is full or by applying a saddle you have purchased or received as a check-in prize to a pet. Mounts confer no benefit.


Main article: Equipment
Battle Gear

An example Battle Gear inventory for a player of the Healer class.

The Equipment tab of your Inventory contains all of the shields, helmets, armor, weapons, and other costume pieces that you have purchased or received. You can use this tab to choose equipment items to wear as battle gear (selected from the items on the left) or for your avatar to wear as a costume.

Time TravelersEdit

Main article: Mysterious Time Travelers

Subscribers earn one Mystic Hourglass for every three months of consecutive subscription. A Mystic Hourglass allows you to summon "the Time Travelers, who will fetch a Subscriber Mystery Item Set for you from the past.... or maybe even the future?"

Seasonal Shop Edit

Main article: Seasonal Shop
Seasonalshop winter2015

The Seasonal Sorceress from the Winter Wonderland 2014-2015 Seasonal Shop.

The Seasonal Shop, with the Seasonal Sorceress as the shopkeeper, is open during Grand Galas to sell you Seasonal Edition and Limited Edition items from the current Gala and the Galas from previous years.

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