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The Item Store.

The Item Store is located under the Rewards column in the main Tasks interface. It is unlocked once the player clicks their first positive Habit or completes their first Daily or To-Do.

Most available items can be purchased with gold points (GP) and include equipment, health potions, and special event items. Contributors will find additional equipment available to them when they are awarded certain tiers.

Equipment often increases character attributes (Strength, Constitution, Perception, and Intelligence), and so better equipment can help you be more effective in your adventures. Basic equipment comes in sets for each class. A player starts with basic Warrior gear and each purchase is removed from the Rewards list. When you buy class-specific gear, each purchase disappears and is replaced by a better item until all levels have been purchased. Each item of gear is more expensive than the earlier version, but also offers higher attributes. The Equipment tab in your Inventory contains all of the equipment you have purchased or earned.

Once you have reached level 10 and selected your class, class-specific equipment will become available in the Item Store. Once you have purchased the top-level tier of equipment for your class, you receive the "Ultimate Gear" achievement and badge. Each class has its own Ultimate Gear badge; you can earn all four if you purchase the top-level tier of equipment for each class. Remember that you must be of that class to purchase class-specific gear in the store, so in order to earn all four "Ultimate Gear" badges, you must have played all of the classes at least once. You can do this by changing classes.

The Item Store also features the Enchanted Armoire, which randomly gives the player one piece of special equipment, a piece of food, or experience points. If you have all of the available Enchanted Armoire equipment, you can keep clicking for food or XP. Each month, new equipment pieces are added. As shown in the screenshot above, each opening of the Armoire costs 100 GP.

Special equipment pieces are released during Grand Galas and are available for purchase from the Item Store for the event's duration only. These items are class-specific (meaning that only the seasonal gear for your class is purchasable in the Rewards list) and do not count towards the Ultimate Gear Achievement.

Other seasonal items may appear in the Item Store as well, such as transformation items that can be used to alter your party members' avatars. If one of these buffs has been used on you, its antidote will appear in your Item Store.

Health potions are single-use only and do not appear in your inventory; these items take immediate effect upon purchase. As seen in the screenshot, they cost 25 GP.

If you have died, the piece of equipment you have lost will appear in the Item Store to allow you to repurchase it, even if it is limited edition equipment that is not normally available. However, to repurchase lost class-specific equipment, you must first change to the correct class.

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