Party using the snowball item, available during Winter Wonderland 2017/18

Parties are one of the primary social features of Habitica. Players in a party have their own chat. They can cooperate on quests, send letters, and use unique items with each other. Quests are a primary means to earn unique rewards. Only players aligned in a party may participate in quests together. They can be a fun way of interacting with the game. Quests also help with accountability, and can provide support and encouragement. It is recommended that a party have no less than four member before engaging in all but the most basic quests.

Over time, even large parties or powerful party members may lose interest or experience burnout.

Challenges are a primary tool for motivating your party. This page is about other methods to keep your party engaged or entertained.

Questions Edit

Ask general questions that everyone can answer. This gives a starting discussion topic and lets party member share ideas. Avoid asking questions that are too personal. Some players do not feel comfortable giving details about their life. Some examples are:

  • In what country do you live?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What books are you reading?
  • What is your favorite thing about Habitica?

Scavenger Hunt Edit

Habitica map by uncommoncriminal

Use a treasure map for the Scavenger Hunt

Organize scavenger hunts to find pictures around the site. You can give clues to help find them.

Party Page on the Keep Edit

In the Keep:Armory, each party can design a page where they can describe and give more information about their party. This would be useful for congratulating the winners of any games or challenges the party has finished. Completed quests can also be listed as well as future questing plans and goals. A good example is the page created by the STAG Guild.

Screen Shots & Fashion Shows Edit


Party on Lion mounts

Take screen shots of your party in different costumes and special gear to celebrate events throughout the year. It might be fun for party members to use the same tiling background so everyone can appear to be part of the same scene.

You could share these on your party page in the Armory or on user blogs.

Talent Shows and Demonstrations Edit

You party can hold an informal bi/annual talent show.

If one or several party members express an interest in sharing their talents, hobbies, or interest, a party may be a great setting for this. Celebrating the successes of your party members can be a very motivating experience. You can use nothing more than chat for sharing stories, jokes, recipes, travel contests, and more.

Using markdown or third-party services could allow you to share works of art, pets, home improvement projects, and many other shared interests.

Third-party streaming services might allow a party to have a drawing party, video game stream, or movie night together.

Remember: It is possible to provide location data from your personal photos in EXIF and GPS data. Use care when sharing any personal images over the internet. Please see this external article from GPS for Today for an introduction on the topic.

Challenges Edit

While there is an official challenge system associated with parties, less formal challenges might offer more interaction. Since your party members may be different ages and different life stages, it is helpful to start with general challenges. Some examples include:

  • Post a motivational quote in the Chat every day
  • Say "Good morning" in the Chat when you login for the day
  • Tell a joke in the Chat

If your party is more advanced, you could try more gameplay challenges that don't use the official Challenge System. Such examples include:

  • Rebirth entire party and see who can reach level 100 first
  • Go on an adventure quest marathon (e.g. finish all the pet quests currently available) and challenge the party to finish it within a certain time frame
  • Split your party into teams for some intra-party competition with aims to see which team can get the highest cumulative levels by a certain date or which team can deal the most cumulative damage to a boss quest

Cards Edit

Main article: Cards

Players can send party members cards by purchasing them from the Market for 10 gold. There is currently a greeting card, a thank-you card and a birthday card available all year-round that can be sent to greet or thank party members. The acknowledgement through a greeting, a thank-you, or a happy birthday card can be enjoyed by everyone and can keep them motivated.

Altering Friends' Avatars Edit

During the Grand Galas, there are items available for purchase that you can use to change your party members' avatars (or your own). Any of these can be bought and stored up for use at any time of year, and they are a great way to acknowledge your party members and share some enjoyment to motivate them.

If one of these items is used on you by a party member, a 5 GP potion will appear in your Rewards that you can use to return your avatar to normal. Otherwise you can do nothing, and your avatar will return to normal at your next Cron, leaving the cheery reminder of your friend's antics for the rest of your day.

Note that if you want your party member to see the effects of your item, you will want to wait until after you know they have logged in for the day. Otherwise, their Cron will process when they log in, and they won't see that you've changed them because it removes the effect immediately.

Available During Item Resulting Avatar Antidote
Winter Wonderland Snowball
Spring Fling Shiny seed
Shiny Seeds
Petal-Free Potion
Summer Splash Inventory special seafoam
Sea Creature
Fall Festival HabitRPG-Spook-Dust
Spooky Sparkles
Opaque Potion

Trivia Game Edit

You can ask questions where the players have to search to find the answers. Your party can decide if they should be about Habitica or real-life events. Some examples include:

  • Who was the King of England during 1732?
  • How much XP do you earn with the Vice Awakens quest?
  • What is the highest cost weapon earned by a Rogue?
  • In what country is the Pyramid of Giza?

For lists of questions about Habitica with clues and answers provided, see Trivia Questions.

Compliments Edit

Paying compliments, giving congratulations, and cheering accomplishments is a good way to keep party members motivated. Everyone enjoys encouragement and recognition, so thanking a helpful party member is always appreciated.

Virtual Prizes Edit

Gaining an achievement by cosmic caterpillar-d7uyv5z
On your party page in the Armory, you could keep a leaderboard of winners with a screen shot of the party members to post on the page. Another suggestion is monthly superlative awards such as:
  • Most Encouraging
  • Most Damage to Bosses
  • Most Creative
  • Most Levels Earned
  • Most Pets Found

To be inclusive, try to find superlatives where each party member would be recognized.

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