King of the Dinosaurs is a quest with a boss known as the Flesh Tyrannosaur. Defeating this boss will unlock the Tyrannosaur Quest Pet. The quest scroll can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 4 gems.

The Flesh Tyrannosaur's HP (800) makes this a medium length quest and its strength multiplier (2) makes this a medium difficulty quest. Without using Warrior or Mage boss damaging skills, a four-person party can typically finish this quest in about three weeks.

For a more difficult challenge, parties might undertake The Dinosaur Unearthed quest instead of this one; both quests award the Tyrannosaur eggs to be raised into the same pets and mounts.


Now that ancient creatures from the Stoïkalm Steppes are roaming throughout all of Habitica, @Urse has decided to adopt a full-grown Tyrannosaur. What could go wrong?



Defeat The Flesh Tyrannosaur.

On CompletionEdit

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The wild dinosaur finally stops its rampage and settles down to make friends with the giant roosters. @Urse beams down at it. "They're not such terrible pets, after all! They just need a little discipline. Here, take some Tyrannosaur eggs for yourself."


Achievement: King of the Dinosaurs x1
Pet Egg TRex
Tyrannosaur Egg x3 (Once the quest has been completed, the eggs become available for gems in the Market.)
Experience Points
500 experience
55 gold

Quest Pets and MountsEdit

The eggs obtained from this quest can be used to raise the Tyrannosaur pets, which can additionally be fed to be raised into mounts.

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Base White Desert Red Shade Skeleton Zombie Cotton
Tyrannosaur Pet Pet-TRex-Base Pet-TRex-White Pet-TRex-Desert Pet-TRex-Red Pet-TRex-Shade Pet-TRex-Skeleton Pet-TRex-Zombie Pet-TRex-CottonCandyPink Pet-TRex-CottonCandyBlue Pet-TRex-Golden
Tyrannosaur Mount
Mount TRex-Base
Mount TRex-White Mount TRex-Desert Mount TRex-Red Mount TRex-Shade Mount TRex-Skeleton Mount TRex-Zombie Mount TRex-CottonCandyPink Mount TRex-CottonCandyBlue Mount TRex-Golden

Promotional ArtEdit

Artwork featuring the Flesh Tyrannosaur was created for this quest.

T rex fight by mortquitue-d8ds3di

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: January 15, 2015
  • Writers:
  • Artists: Scroll - UncommonCriminal, Boss - Urse, Egg - Baconsaur, Mounts - Baconsaur, Pets - Baconsaur, Promo Art - Kiwibot
  • Trello Card