Avatar Level

A player's level is displayed on the lower right of their avatar.

In Habitica, Levels represent one measure of player progress. All players begin at level one and move up in level as they complete Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos. At certain levels, new features become available to players, including pets, the class system, and certain quests.

Leveling Up Edit

A pale blue bubble with a caret icon for leveling up, followed by the words Level Up!

The notification seen when leveling up.

A pop-up telling the user that they have leveled up, and an option to share the news through social apps.

The pop-up when leveling up on the Habitica app for iOS.

Leveling up occurs after a player gains a sufficient number of experience points (XP). As players progress, they need more points to reach the next level than they needed to reach the level before it.

Leveling up regenerates all health points lost during the previous level, but not mana points. (You regain some mana points at the beginning of each day when your daily Cron runs.) Each level also raises all attributes by half a point.

Progression through levels is merely a sign of your own progress through your tasks. Comparing the speed at which you gain levels with that of other players is generally not meaningful because every player has their own playing style.

Attribute PointsEdit

A pop-up telling the user that they have leveled up with stat allocation shown.

The pop-up when leveling up on the site, including the option to allocate your new attribute point. Note that the mount and pet do not appear with your avatar.

After unlocking the class system at level 10, for each additional level gained, you receive an attribute point that you can allocate to the attribute of your choice, using the Character Attributes page or the pop-up that appears when leveling up on the website. If you do not allocate your points using the pop-up, you get a notification that will take you to the Character Attributes page so you can allocate points. (You may also choose to allow Habitica to allocate points automatically.) The points are added to a base attribute level comprised of half a point per attribute per level.

Attribute points can be reallocated by spending gems on the Character Attributes page to change your class (you can pick the same class or choose a different one).

Attribute points are capped at level 100, so you do not receive additional attribute points after level 100.

Attribute points are lost when using a start over option that reduces your level, such as the Orb of Rebirth, but will be gained back and can be allocated as normal on leveling up. Additionally, one attribute point from a random attribute is lost when you die (when your HP reaches 0).

Rewards Edit

Higher-level players typically earn larger XP and gold point (GP) rewards for clicking on positive Habits and checking off Dailies and To-Dos, due to their collectively higher stats.

Perfect Days Edit

Perception stats. The total reads 53.5. The level's contribution to the stat is 26.5 and there are 27 points from buffs (in this case from a perfect day).

The Perception attribute for a level 54 character showing an unmodified stat of 1/2 (level-1) plus a 1/2 level buff from a Perfect Day.

A Perfect Day gives you a further buff of one-half of your level to your stats, so on the day after completing a Perfect Day, your attribute score will be at least equal to your level, even if you have no gear or point allocation in that stat. If your level is an odd number, your buff is rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example, if your level is 7, your Perfect Day buff would be 4.

Orb of Rebirth Edit

Orb of Rebirth

Orb of Rebirth

At level 50 or above, you can use the Orb of Rebirth to reset your level back to one and to reset certain other aspects of your account. This can be useful if you missed certain features or want to try a different class from the beginning. It usually costs six gems, but becomes free once you reach level 100.


You receive bonuses and access to features upon achieving certain levels, including:

Level Unlock(s)
1 Equipment appears in the Market and is pinned to a player's Wishlist when they complete their first task.
3 The drop system is unlocked and the player receives a wolf egg.
10 The class system is unlocked and the player can choose their class (Players can opt out of choosing a class temporarily and make the decision later). Mana points are also unlocked.
11 The player receives their first class skill.
12 The player receives their second class skill.
13 The player receives their third class skill.
14 The player receives their fourth and final class skill.

The player receives a free Dish Disaster quest scroll.
The player is able to buy or use a SnackLess Monster quest scroll.1
The player is able to buy or use a Laundromancer quest scroll.1


The player receives a free Free Yourself of the Dragon's Influence quest scroll.
The player is able to buy or use a Find the Lair of the Wyrm quest scroll.1
The player is able to buy or use a Vice Awakens quest scroll.1


The player receives a free A Stern Talking-To quest scroll.
The player is able to buy or use a Gold Knight quest scroll.1
The player is able to buy or use a The Iron Knight quest scroll.1


The Orb of Rebirth is available for purchase in the Market for 6 gems.


The player gets a copy of The Moonstone Chain quest scroll.
The player is able to buy or use a Recidivate the Necromancer quest scroll.1
The player is able to buy or use a Recidivate Transformed quest scroll.1

100 An Orb of Rebirth may be purchased for free.

1The player must complete the previous quest part before they can buy or use this quest scroll. They will receive a free scroll when they complete the previous part, if they are the quest owner.

Continuing after Level 100Edit

You can continue past level 100, but to keep the game balanced, your stats will not change and further attribute points will not be awarded. You can continue to gain new content as it is released, including quests, Limited Edition and Seasonal Edition avatar customizations, and equipment. However, no content will be released exclusively for level 100+ players.

Known BugsEdit

Gaining Extra XP Doesn't Trigger a Level Up

Description: When a quest finishes and grants you enough Experience (XP) for you to level up, or when the Enchanted Armoire grants you enough XP to level up, the actual level update doesn't happen.
Solution: Tick off a To-Do, Habit, or Daily. This will increase your level. None of your excess XP will be lost.
Screenshot(s): ExtraXP
Octocat habitica Issue #2433

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