The Habitica loading page

Tips appear while the Habitica site loads. Users are presented with a loading page, which includes a randomly chosen tip from the list below.


Tip #1. Check tasks on the go with the Habitica mobile apps.

Tip #2. Reach level 100 to unlock the Orb of Rebirth for free and start a new adventure!

Tip #3. Use emoji to quickly differentiate between your tasks.

Tip #4. Use the # sign before a task name to make it really big!

Tip #5. It’s best to cast buffs in the morning so they last longer.

Tip #6. Occasionally re-evaluate your tasks to make sure they’re up-to-date!

Tip #7. Some backgrounds connect perfectly if party members use the same background. Ex: Mountain Lake, Pagodas, and Rolling Hills.

Tip #8. Send a PM to someone by clicking the envelope near their name in chat!

Tip #9. Visit the Guild Leaders & Challenge Creators Guild for advice on starting a Guild.

Tip #10. You can win gems by competing in Challenges. New ones are added every day!

Tip #11. If you enjoy dressing up your avatar, check out the Costume Carnival Guild.

Tip #12. Join the “Challenge... Accepted” Guild for regularly scheduled random challenges.

Tip #13. Having more than four Party members increases accountability!

Tip #14. You can add headers or inspirational quotes to your list as Habits with no (+/-).

Tip #15. Add checklists to your To-Dos to increase your rewards!

Tip #16. Check out the Data tab for valuable insights on your progress.

Tip #17. Using Tags can make an unwieldy task list very manageable!

Tip #18. Habits that are just positive or just negative gradually “fade” and return to yellow.

Tip #19. Boost your Intelligence Stat to gain more XP when you complete a task.

Tip #20. Boost your Perception Stat to get more drops and gold.

Tip #21. Boost your Strength Stat to do more boss damage or get critical hits.

Tip #22. Boost your Constitution Stat to lessen the damage from incomplete Dailies.

Tip #23. Click the bar graph icon on your tasks to see a graph showing your progress.

Tip #24. Habitica is Open Source! Ask in the Aspiring Legends Guild if you want to contribute.

Tip #25. The four seasonal Grand Galas start near the solstices and equinoxes .

Tip #26. An arrow to the left of someone’s level number means they’re currently buffed.

Tip #27. Did a Daily yesterday, but forgot to check it off? Don't worry! With Record Yesterday's Activity, you'll have a chance to record what you did before starting your new day.

Tip #28. Set a Custom Day Start under Settings > Site to control when your day restarts.

Tip #29. Complete all your Dailies to get a Perfect Day Buff that increases your stats!

Tip #30. You can invite people to Guilds, not just Parties.

Tip #31. Check out the pre-made lists in the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges Guild for example tasks.

Tip #32. Lots of Habitica’s code, art, and writing is made by volunteer contributors! Anyone can help.

Tip #33. Check out The Bulletin Board 📌 guild for news about guilds, challenges, and other player-created events - and announce your own there!

Information for Developers

This section contains information of interest to Habitica developers. It is not of use for normal gameplay or task management.
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The code that contains the Loading Page Tips:
Current version of file: website/common/locales/en/loadingScreenTips.json
Older version with link to starting line: May 2017

The code that creates, chooses, and displays the Loading Page Tips:
Current version of file: website/views/index.jade
Older version with link to starting line: mid-June 2016

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