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A stylish CSS add-on that overhauls Habitica's interface. Tasks and checklists are now much slimmer, allowing you to view more at a time. In addition, it features options to:

  • Hide completed Dailies
  • Display compact Dailies, To-Dos and Habits
  • Hide unused task controls
  • Hide tags
  • Animate avatars, mounts, and pets
  • Change the header background
  • Change the task area background
  • Lighten text (for dark backgrounds)
  • Remove game-like images for work-safe environments

This style also includes a new header, hides extraneous space-occupying elements (e.g. footer), and tweaks Tavern/party chat (highlights are more prominent, scrollbars are removed from long messages).


Before installing this user style, make sure you have one of the following installed:

Then, navigate to the website for this user style. Stylish users can load this style with one click using the green "Install with Stylish" button. Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey users can load this style with the "install this style as a user script" link in the blue box.

After the style is loaded, you may need to refresh the page to see its effects. The style can be easily turned off and on with a handy checkbox that you can find by clicking the Stylish/Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey icon in your toolbar.

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