This software stopped working after 30 July 2016 when Habitica's deprecated API v2 was removed.

Information about the API change can be found at Application Programming Interface.




Plugins for Munin to graph users' XP, HP, MP, GP, open tasks and open Dailies.



Plugins Installation

  • Download httpful.phar and put it somewhere convenient (/usr/local/share/php/httpful.phar)
  • Download the habitrpg_* files into your munin installation. (I usually store external plugins in /usr/local/share/munin/plugins/)
  • Edit the downloaded files and include your Habitica information (path to httpful, uuid, key and optionally username)
  • Link the plugins into your munin plugin dir (ln -s /usr/local/share/munin/plugins/habitrpg_* /etc/munin/plugins/)
  • Restart munin-node

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