Official Habitica Challenges are site-wide challenges created by Habitica's staff and published in the Tavern, which anyone can join. These challenges appear at the top of the challenges list with a green label to differentiate them from other challenges. Gems are always awarded to the winner of official challenges and often there are multiple winners, each of which receive gems and the challenge achievement.


The challenges page, with an official challenge at the top.

Send Us a Postcard ChallengeEdit

From July 19 until August 31, 2016, users who mailed the Habitica staff a postcard (and included their return address) would receive a limited-edition HabitRPG postcard with a promo code for the Unconventional Armor set! This set was previously only given out at conventions. No winner was declared for this challenge, and no gem prize was offered. The staff detailed the aftermath of the challenge in a Behind the Scenes blog post.

Take This ChallengesEdit

The Take This Challenge Series was announced on June 9, 2016, and was designed by Take This, a nonprofit that seeks to inform the gamer community about mental health issues, to provide education about mental disorders and mental illness prevention, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

After a monthly challenge in this series ends, every participant of that challenge earns one piece of the Take This Armor Set (except for players who have already earned all of the pieces in the set). These are ladder rewards--the first challenge you participate in gives you the Shield, and so on. Additionally, the winner of each monthly challenge receives 10 gems, and runners-up receive 2 gems each.

On March 1, 2017, Bailey announced that each of the monthly challenges in the Take This series will be revisited, allowing more people to earn the exclusive armor items and get chances to win gem prizes.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone!Edit

The first challenge in this series, "It's Dangerous to Go Alone!", ran from June 9 to June 30, 2016. This challenge focused on cultivating your offline friendships.

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - It's Dangerous to Go Alone!

Winner: janey_p

Runners-Up: Dennis Charles Puerto Calubia, lamachine, Didit, mykabot, and Deiket

The second iteration of this challenge ran from March 1 to March 31, 2017.

Winner: SuchARarity

Runners-Up: miketheguy101, TheRossGamer, B_Rud, Cj_Cesareo, and Jacob Da Jeweler

Check Your HP!Edit

The second challenge in this series, "Check Your HP!", ran from July 1 to July 31, 2016. In this challenge, participants had to score their mood three times a day on a scale from 0 to 100, and graph their results at the end of every week to see if they could notice any patterns.

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - Check Your HP!

Winner: bookguinea

Runners-Up: abbey, SeanXiaaa, pushkin89, fightorflight, and ProfDzul

The second iteration of this challenge ran from April 1 to April 30, 2017.

Winner: julkamo

Runners-Up: James Ruf, Thiago Escobar, Dotts, and Brad is addicted to coffee!

Cast of Characters!Edit

The third challenge in this series, "Cast of Characters!", ran from August 1 to August 31, 2016. In this challenge, participants drew their feelings, both positive and negative, as characters as they experienced them and turned them into heroes, villains, shopkeepers, mages, monsters, cute animal sidekicks, etc. This challenge was designed to help participants process their feelings!

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - Cast of Characters!

Winner: Dragonezss

Runners-Up: elizacorps, jwmeyer86, chady025, Max Yong, and Nightstalker_oL

The second iteration of this challenge ran from May 2 to May 31, 2017.

Winner: ShoTaka

Runners-Up: Steve the Dragon Slayer, Christina Melfi Passavia, Kingphisher, Servalan, and Júnior Rodrigues Knd

I Am The Night!Edit

The fourth challenge in this series, "I Am The Night!", ran from September 1 to September 30, 2016. This Challenge focused on forming better sleep habits.

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - I Am The Night!

Winner: ladyhalation

Runners-Up: Khaleesi, SalientAlien, Debeys, Andrew Parkinson, and jenroseho

The second iteration of this challenge ran from June 1 to July 3, 2017.

Winner: Chandramani Adil

Runners-Up: racherinh, auburntouch, lavraiedre, celedine, and 长颈鹿的尾巴

Test Thy Courage!Edit

The fifth challenge in this series, "Test Thy Courage!", ran from October 2 to October 30, 2016. This Challenge was designed to focus on practicing positive interactions to help you become more comfortable engaging with others and building connections!

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - Test Thy Courage!

Winner: taranion

Runners-Up: Lenny Pepperbottom, Captain Jolly, Red, vorpalblade, and G! Plus

The second iteration of this challenge ran from June 1 to July 3, 2017.

Winner: SciStar

Runners-Up: minaqo, dnux, Karzn, Odeloen, and Benign_K

Keep Calm and Carry On!Edit

The sixth challenge in this series, "Keep Calm and Carry On!", ran from November 2 to November 30, 2016. This challenge focused on alleviating anger and stress.

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - Keep Calm and Carry On!

Winner: Rone Filho

Runners-Up: smurffigueiredo12, spaceauddity, Анна Солопенко, YokiHan, and 淳

The second iteration of this challenge began on August 3. The challenge is available here: "Keep Calm and Carry On!"

Hero's Triumph!Edit

The seventh challenge in this series, "Hero's Triumph!", ran from December 1 to December 31, 2016. This challenge focused on volunteering to help others. "Get a boost by putting your energy into helping someone else."

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - Hero's Triumph!

Winner: AngelaY

Runners-Up: KamiFlame, InkyWitch, mistressofrevels, Spesilva, and Deomew

Multi-Player Co-op ExerciseEdit

The eighth challenge in this series, "Multi-Player Co-op Exercise", ran from January 3 to January 31, 2017. This challenge focused on exercising with a friend.

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - Multi-Player Co-op Exercise

Winner: IvokaOrange

Runners-Up: nerelleaustralis, Millificent, Soul Brig, wwwave, and Arawasa the Unseen

The second iteration of this challenge ran from 5 October to 2 November 2017.

Winner: antfrommagicant

Runners-Up: Dalton Galke, FearMyPaintBrush, Silverilly, VulcanGopher1, and Salamander

Notice Me, Senpai!Edit

The ninth challenge in this series, "Notice Me, Senpai!", ran from February 2 to February 28. This challenge focused on reaching out to others when you're struggling.

Once the challenge was over, it was moved to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges for archiving purposes, and is available here - Notice Me, Senpai!

Winner: Lucy Zhuang

Runners-Up: Emithyst, 5h4d0wd4nc3r, rjboo, Ellie Goldshire, and Alex the Healer

The second iteration of this challenge began in November 3 and is currently running. It will end on December 2.

Playing the Long Con!Edit

The "Playing the Long Con!" challenge was added to the 📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges on July 7. Unlike the monthly challenges, this is an ongoing challenge and will not award prizes. The tasks are designed to help participants stay healthy during convention season, so players can join and leave it throughout the year as necessary.

The challenge is available here - Playing the Long Con!

Mobile App Challenge Edit

The Mobile App Challenge ran throughout the month of February 2016. To participate, users had to download and try out either the iOS Mobile App or the Android Mobile App. Ten randomly-selected winners received 10 gems each.

Winners: J, Janče Skalkova, studentSeekingDiscipline, Felipe Marinelli Affonso, compl, Yuri Augusto, Ewe Pacheco, Narmence, Ryan_carter, and candieb

New Year's Resolutions Challenges Edit

Sticking to Your Resolutions Challenge (2016) Edit

The Sticking to Your Resolutions Challenge was a companion challenge to a four-part series on the official Habitica blog on how to use Habitica to stick to your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions after the initial magic may have worn off. The companion challenge allowed participants to follow along with the tips as they were posted and gave them the chance to win 10 gems.

Winners: Snellopy, Papyrus, PreacherMYS, embustation, and djmjr

Habitica New Year's Resolutions Challenge (2017) Edit

The Habitica New Year's Resolutions Challenge ran from January 5 to 31, 2017, and helped players plan how to use Habitica to stick to their goals while spreading the word about Habitica on social media. To enter, participants needed to make a post on social media about how they planned to use Habitica to achieve their New Year's resolutions, including a link to Habitica and the hashtag #HabiticaResolutions. Five winners, each of whom received 15 gems, were randomly selected from the people who posted about Habitica.

Winners: thesuperalice, booksandchips, Meriah, hazey_sunshine, and Valendro

Habitica Video Sharing Contest Edit

The video sharing contest was announced on January 8, 2016, when Habitica released its first video commercial, and ended on January 31. To participate in this challenge, players could share the video on social media, then link to their shared posts in the notes of the challenge To-Do. A randomly-selected winner received 25 gems.

Winner: Baggs98

Name the Gryphon Edit

The Name the Gryphon challenge was launched on July 31, 2015, the inaugural Habitica Naming Day. Between then and August 10, over 1600 players submitted names for the Royal Purple Gryphon that appears in Habitica's new logo. A 30 gem prize was awarded to NobleTheSecond, who suggested the winning name "Melior", and a secondary prize was given to TangyDragonBBQ, who independently submitted a slightly different variant of the same name.

First Place Winner: NobleTheSecond

Second Place Winner: TangyDragonBBQ

April Fools' Day ChallengesEdit


On April Fools' Day 2015, an official parody challenge was published in the Tavern by Lemoness/NOT A FLOWER.

2015 April Fools Flowery Overlords Challenge

Party with the April Fool! Edit

On April Fools' Day 2017, an official challenge was posted in the Tavern, entitled "Party with the April Fool!" and created by Definitely Not the April Fool. Between April 1 and April 3, players could share their photobombed avatars on social media, along with a link to Habitica and the hashtag "HabiticaAprilFools", for a chance to win gems. A blog post was posted with all the winners' screenshots as well as other favorite photobombed avatars.

Winners: Anna Lilliman, CaptivatingLight, Lalaitha, Tousled Smile, and Acquafortis Fortis

Community Costume Challenges Edit

The Community Costume Challenge is an annual challenge that began in 2014 and runs throughout the month of October. In this challenge, participants who dress up as their Habitica avatars in real life, post a picture on social media, and link to their post in the Notes section of the Challenge To-Do receive a "Costume Challenge" badge. Beginning in 2015, participating costumes have been posted on the Habitica Tumblr blog unless a participant specifies otherwise.

Back-to-School Advice Challenges Edit

Back-to-School Advice (2014) Edit

On September 12, 2014, Habitica launched a second official challenge, the Back-to-School Advice Challenge: use social media to tell how you use Habitica to improve study habits, share stories of scholarly success with the app, or just give your advice on using Habitica to be the best you can be. The contest ended on September 30th, and twenty randomly selected winners each received 60 gems.

Winners: DJ Ringis, The Writer, San Condor, Tavi Wright, Stepharuka, Clyc, samaeldreams, LitNerdy, Tritlo, Shansie, Han Solo, FrauleinNinja, Nortya, itsallaboutfalling, TomFrankly, [TGL] Dogg, Amanda, InfH, Evan950, and Mizuokami

Back-to-School Advice (2015) Edit

A second version of this annual challenge was announced on August 27, 2015, and ended on September 27th. In this case, ten winners were selected randomly from the set of posts with at least five notes/upvotes/likes/etc., with a 30 gem prize for each winner.

Winners: Randy, Jenn, AnnDeLune, Sh1n1 DeFier, Velinde, Nadine, citrusella, Thiago Coascci, Alicia Puck Vickery, and goblin

Back-to-School Preparation ChallengeEdit

Back-to-School Preparation (2017)Edit

On August 8, 2017, Habitica launched the Back-to-School Preparation challenge to help the students of Habitica transition from summer break to the start of the school year. The challenge will end on September 30th. There will be 9 randomly selected people who will receive a prize of 5 gems each, and one grand prize winner will receive 10 gems and an achievement.

The challenge is available here - Back-to-School Preparation

Spread the Word Challenges Edit

Spread the Word (2014) Edit

During the Winter Wonderland 2013-2014 event, Habitica released its first official challenge, known as the Spread the Word Challenge. With a prize of 80 gems to the top 20 most popular posts, and 100 gems for the #1 post, the challenge included only one To-Do: post about Habitica on your blog or social media page. The challenge ended on January 31, 2014, but due to the staff having to through a great number of submissions manually, the winners were chosen on April 30, 2014.


Runners-Up: sarahtyler, HannahAR, Raiyna, thefandomsarecool, Chickenfox, Anrisa Ryn, frabajulous, galdrasdottir, Judith Meyer, jazzmoth, RavenclawKiba, daraxlaine, Phiso, Billieboo, Victor Fonic, nikoftime, Aedra, amBarthes, and thaichicken

Spread the Word (2015) Edit

A second edition of this challenge, titled Spread the World Challenge 2015, ran from December 31st, 2014 to January 31st, 2015, with the same rules.

Winner: TomFrankly

Runners-Up: GinnyLovegood, InfH, hollyandvice, Esor Huang, Lisa, Archimagos, Purplatypus, Graowf, bbundy, anna_roed, 839120, kburk97, Dreavyn, Jujimufu, Andrea Enke, cerovac, olafthesnowman, DarkMayhem, and FoxWhiskers

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