What is Pomodoro?Edit

Pomodoro is a technique that uses time-management to help the user flow with time instead of fight against it, allowing people to manage distractions better without burning out on work they are trying to do. Instead of trying to accomplish tasks in a certain amount of time, Pomodoro helps people to work on tasks without interruption, and without making them feel like they are racing against the clock. Different walks of life can use the Pomodoro technique in order to better focus on the tasks that need to be done, instead of multitasking. This allows for multiple completed tasks instead of multitasking through multiple tasks and not getting anything fully done.

For more information on Pomodoro, visit the official Pomodoro Technique website or the Wikipedia Pomodoro Technique article.

Using the Pomodoro MethodEdit


A Pomodoro Timer

A single pomodoro is usually a period of 25 minutes, and the plural of "pomodoro" is "pomodori" (following the pluralization spelling rules of Italian). With that time frame in mind, a player can assess a single task or set of tasks to see how long it will take to complete them using pomodori as a unit of measure. The goal is to then get the task or tasks completed in the pre-determined number of pomodori and working straight through each set of 25 minutes with short breaks between pomodori, and a longer break (20-30 minutes) after each set of 4 pomodori.

Focusing for the specific amount of time, and keeping from being distracted during that pomodoro, can improve a user's completion rate with minimal waste of time.

The Pomodoro method also helps you track what you are doing during the day. Since paying attention to distractions is strongly discouraged, you can rest easy knowing that the full 25 minutes of each pomodoro was really spent doing the task at hand. This will help when trying to gauge other tasks and plan out a day. The website has multiple tools for helping this technique to work if needed, from record pages that can be printed off to links for purchasing the book that details the entire Pomodoro technique. With the integrations described below, it is easy to use the Pomodoro technique with Habitica.

Pomodoro Tools for HabiticaEdit

If you are a user of the Pomodoro method, the following tools can help you integrate Habitica into your time-management routines.

LordGrowl's Google Tasks and Habitica WebpageEdit

The information needed to create a webpage that runs both a player's Google Tasks and the Habitica Task page on split screen was posted to the Keep. By having both up on a split screen, the player can best assess what will need to be done next, and group their Habitica Tasks into Google Tasks divided into distinct pomodori. Players who do not use the Pomodoro method can use this functionality as well.

Blnk2007's Pomodroido IntegrationEdit

By using Pomodroido Pro's Tasker integration and your Habitica API Options, you can set up a profile that rewards you instantly. Select the length of time you plan to work and start. The integration allows you to gain your rewards through the app. For more information on how to set this up, and a gallery of step-by-step pictures, check out Blnk2007's post.

Ryan Deussing's IntegrationEdit

Ryan Deussing created a script to integrate Habitica with Ugo Landini's pomodoro app for Mac. The script can be found here. Note that Ugo Landini's version is no longer in the App Store and hasn't been improved since 2013, so you may want to use Marta Kostova's fork, which is available in the Mac App Store as "Timer".


The Pomodoro Technique

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