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Did your local Habitica installation stop working? You might find the right answer below:

Bailey has appeared since you last rebased Edit

If you're starting on a new issue or are trying to bring your local branch up-to-date to the current develop repository, after running:

   git checkout develop
   git fetch upstream
   git rebase upstream/develop
   git push  # to update your fork

If you compare the updated config.json.example to your current config.json and they don't match, you may need to replace your old config.json with the new config.json and then run:

   npm install

to install any modules that might be missing. Examine the output, and if you get a lot of errors, try:

   sudo npm install

If that does not fix the errors, you can ask for help in the Aspiring Blacksmiths (Habitica Coders) guild or by logging an issue in GitHub.

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