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The Profile is a set of publicly available information about a player. It can be accessed by clicking on the player's username or avatar in any chat, the Hall of Heroes, or member/participant lists in parties, guilds, and challenges. Private information (tasks, gems, email, financial details, etc.) is never displayed.

A user's profile has three parts. The "Profile" page shows identifiers and personal information a player chooses to share. The "Stats" page displays a player's attributes and the equipment, costume, pets, and mounts they have equipped. The "Achievements" page lists badges achieved, challenges won, and quests completed. The player's avatar is fixed at the top of all pages.

A limited version of a user's profile can be viewed by accessing "" (replace the "X" with the player's User ID). See below for more information.

Avatar Edit

Main article: Avatar

The top of the right column of a player's profile displays their avatar. This includes generic features, pet, mount, and background. 


The Profile page contains the player's name, User ID, and any photo or description they have added about themselves. If you wish to add or change your.personal information, click the "edit" button. This page also shows the date a player joined Habitica, when they last logged in, and their total number of check-ins. The check-in counter begins from the day Daily Check-In Incentives were introduced. It may not reflect a player's total check-ins since their join date.


The Stats page shows information about a player's avatar and attributes. With regard to the avatar, the page displays individual pieces of a player's costume, the background they are using, and their pet and mount. This page also shows the total number of pets found, total mounts tamed, and progress toward the Beast Master and Mount Master achievements.

With regard to a player's attributes, the stats page displays a player's currently equipped battle gear and a detailed overview of character attribute values.


Main article: Achievements

Below the avatar, you can see what achievements the player has earned.

Social OptionsEdit

At the bottom left corner of a player's profile are three buttons:

Shared ProfileEdit

Feature Unavailable
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Sharing Profile
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Share Button Lower Left

Sharing options

Main article: Sharing

You also have the option of sharing a more limited version of your profile on social media sites. When you hover over your avatar, a Share button will appear in the lower left corner, with various options to share your profile on social media or download a picture of your avatar.

The version of your profile that will be shared is accessible through the following link: "" (replace the "X" with your User ID). You can also view other users' shared profiles by replacing the "X" with their User IDs.

This shared profile will not have the social options (i.e., block, private message, and send gift), any user-added profile photo or description, or information about pets and mounts.

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