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NPC Quest Leader

Quests allow players to focus on long-term, in-game goals through solo missions or with the members of their party.

Anyone can participate in a quest, no matter their level. In order to do so, however, the player must be in a party, even if it is a party of just one person and you are on a solo quest. Players need to obtain a quest scroll to start a quest. Ian the Quest Leader will appear when you read a quest scroll. The player who uses a scroll and invites their party to join the quest is called the quest owner. A party can only participate in one quest at a time, the only exception being when a Habitica-wide quest occurs and users on the entire site are engaged in a battle together.

Some quests can only be started by a player at a certain level, as some scrolls are dropped to players when they reach specific levels. Other quests have prerequisite quests that must be completed prior to the start of the next quest in the quest line. However, these restrictions only apply to the person starting the quest, and do not limit who may participate. Lower level players in a party, players who have not yet received the quest as a drop, and players who have missed prerequisite quests can still be invited to join a higher-level quest, so long as the quest is started by a party member who is eligible to initiate the quest.

There are two types of quests:

  • In collection quests, players are able to collect special drops by completing tasks, which count toward a party-wide total goal.
  • In boss battles, party members deal damage to an enemy by completing tasks, and take damage for the uncompleted Dailies of all quest participants, not just their own.
Party Boss Quest iOS

Players can participate in quests, such as the boss battle pictured here, on the Habitica iOS app.

Rewards on completion are not dependent on the size of the party, and every party member who has begun the quest will receive the same rewards no matter the size of their individual contribution. There are many strategies among parties for how best to win quests. Bigger parties may have an easier time completing certain quests, but as the number of players participating in the quest increases, the risk of being damaged by another player's missed Dailies in a boss battle increases as well. Currently, there is a limit of 30 players to a party, but it has been reported that having more than about a dozen players in one party might create browser performance problems. It is recommended that your party have no less than four members in order to make quests achievable and to maintain a high level of accountability.

Obtaining a Quest ScrollEdit


Quest scrolls in the Quest Shop. Scrolls with a yellow lock icon are not available for purchase until the player has met a prerequisite.

Some quest scrolls can be bought from the Quest Shop for gems or gold. Others are given to players automatically at certain points, such as reaching a certain level or when a world event begins. Once obtained, scrolls of this type can also be repurchased in the Quest Shop or from the Seasonal Shop.

There is also the Basi-List Quest, given to a player who invites another player to a party, after the second player accepts the invitation, and The Feral Dust Bunnies Quest, which is given to a player when they create their account. Once a quest scroll is in a player's inventory, it may be activated at any point.

Quest scrolls are never given as random drops upon task completion, but there are ways to receive quests without purchasing them from the Seasonal Shop or Quest Shop.

Players receive certain quest scrolls as they reach specific levels. Currently, scrolls are dropped when a player reaches levels 15, 30, 40, 60, and whenever a player invites someone to their party and the invitation is accepted. If a new quest scroll is released that is given to players at a certain level, all players who have met or surpassed the requirement are automatically awarded the scroll upon its release. If a quest scroll automatically unlocks at a certain level, it gets re-dropped if you use an Orb of Rebirth and reach that level again.

In some cases, quest scrolls are given as quest rewards. Certain multi-part quests (such as the Vice quest line) give the quest owner the next scroll in the quest line as part of the quest rewards.

If a world event has started, you receive any quest scrolls associated with the world event (such as the Dilatory Derby quest).

Items iOS

On the Habitica iOS app, you can start quests from the items page. However, the quest scrolls will not be color coded.

Some equipment quests (quests that give you items that boost your attributes) will be given to all players for free when they reach a certain level. Other equipment quests can be purchased for gold. In contrast, all pet quests (quests that give you eggs) will only be available for purchase with gems, to help support Habitica. These pets will not count towards the Beast Master achievement and are considered quest pets.

You can have an unlimited number of quest scrolls in your Inventory. Also, there is no limit on the number of times you can purchase an available quest scroll (see List of Quests table below) once you have reached the eligibility for it. This is especially useful for limited edition quest scrolls because you can buy several while they are still available. Limited edition quest scrolls do not expire.

Discounted Quest BundlesEdit

Quests are occasionally available at a discount via Quest Bundles. Quest bundles enable the user to purchase a set of three quest scrolls for the price of 7 gems, which is 5 gems less than the cost of buying the three scrolls individually. Generally, the three bundled quests are thematically related, such as a bundle for three different kinds of bird pets.

Note that bundles are not always available. When offered, bundles are only available for a limited period of time, usually to the end of the month the offer began in.

Currently Offered BundlesEdit

There are no currently offered bundles.

Previous BundlesEdit

Quest bundle farmFriends

Farm Friends
As announced on the September 12, 2017 Bailey announcement, the Farm Friends Pet Quest Bundle is available until September 30, 2017. This quest bundle includes the Sheep, Cow, and Horse pet quests.

Quest bundle featheredFriends

Feathered Friends
As announced on the May 18, 2017 Bailey announcement, the Feathered Friends Pet Quest Bundle was available until May 31, 2017. This quest bundle included the Parrot, Owl, and Falcon pet quests.

Quest bundle splashyPals

Splashy Pals
As announced on the July 11, 2017 Bailey announcement, the Splashy Pals Pet Quest Bundle was available until July 31, 2017. This quest bundle included the Seahorse, Sea Turtle, and Whale pet quests.

Witchyfamiliars bundle

Witchy Familiars

As announced on the October 10, 2017 Bailey announcement, the Witchy Familiar Pet Quest Bundle was available until October 31, 2017. This quest bundle includes the Rat, Spider, and Frog pet quests.


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Starting a QuestEdit

A quest in which the invitations have been sent, but the quest has not yet started. Each party member is displayed in the list with an indication as to whether their invitation is accepted, rejected, or pending. Eight members in the screenshot are listed as pending and two have accepted the invitation. No players have rejected.
The person who initiates the quest is the quest owner, which is marked by the asterisk (*) that appears next to the player's name in the party member list on the website. There is no special benefit for being the quest owner; the mark is so you know who has the ability to cancel the quest before it starts or to start the quest without waiting for people who aren't accepting the quest in a timely fashion. Only the quest owner or the party leader have the ability to cancel or start the quest without everyone accepting it.
Feature Unavailable
404 not found wiki by cosmic caterpillar-d83gwxa
list of quest participants, marking quest owner
Workaround: use the Party and Guild Data Tool
Octocat not yet available at GitHub

Beginning a Quest in a PartyEdit

There are two ways to select the quest scroll that you want to use for your party:

  • click on the quest scroll in your quest inventory.
  • click the green Start a Quest button in the sidebar of the Party page. This will open a separate popup showing all the quest scrolls in your inventory that you can select. Then you can click the quest scroll that you want.

Select the "Invite party" button in the pop-up. All party members will be given the opportunity to accept the quest, including those who join the party after invitations are sent but before the quest starts. To begin the quest, either:

  • wait for all party members to accept the quest which automatically begins the quest
  • in the Party screen under Options -> Social, select "Begin" in the quest window when the party is ready to start the quest. Please note that the "Begin" Option is also available to the Party Leader.

If you are the only person in your party, your quest begins as soon as you start the quest, since there are no other party members to wait for acceptance replies from.

NOTE: Only members who have accepted the quest will be included. Once you have clicked "Begin," no more party members will be able to join the quest! Non-participants will not be able to start a quest until the current quest is completed and can only join if the entire quest is aborted by the quest owner.

Once all of the participants have accepted, or either the quest owner or the party leader has clicked the "Begin" button, the quest will start. This is when quest scroll is consumed and thus removed from the quest owner's inventory. If you have signed up for email notifications, you will receive an email when the quest has started, but there is no in-game notification. To find out if it has started, use your browser's refresh button to reload the party page.

Canceling a Quest Before It BeginsEdit

There is a "Cancel" button next to the "Begin" button. The quest owner and the party leader can use this before the quest starts if they change their mind or if the party asks that a different quest be started.

Accidentally Rejecting a Quest InvitationEdit

There is no way to undo an accidentally rejected a quest invitation. You can ask the person who started the quest / the party leader to cancel or abort it and the quest owner to send out invitations again (canceling or aborting the quest returns the quest scroll back to their inventory for reuse).

Joining a Quest Started by Another Party MemberEdit

Feature Unavailable
404 not found wiki by cosmic caterpillar-d83gwxa
list of quest participants, marking quest owner
Workaround: use the Party and Guild Data Tool
Octocat not yet available at GitHub

If you receive a quest notification when you didn't start the quest or you receive an email notifying you that your party is beginning a quest, you can check your party list to see who the owner is. The name of the person who invited the party is marked with an asterisk(*). If you're part of the quest, your name will appear in the list of quest participants when the quest begins and you should receive an email notifying you the quest has begun.

Quests Abandoned by or Without Quest OwnersEdit

If the person who invited you on the quest has been removed from the party, then nobody in the party is designated as the quest owner. In that case, the quest can be started by the party leader or if all invited members accept or reject the invitation. If the original quest owner is invited back to the party and accepts that invitation, they will become the quest owner again and also will be able to start or cancel the quest.

If both the quest owner and the party leader have stopped logging in to Habitica or refuse to cancel or start the quest, there is nothing that the party can do directly. One party member can post a request for assistance by clicking on the Help menu and then selecting "Report a Bug" (even though this is not a bug, it is acceptable to follow these instructions to ask for this kind of help).

Solo Questing While Still in PartyEdit

While still a member of a party, it is possible to complete a solo quest if other party members want to take a break from questing. Send the quest invitation, then click the Begin button before anyone responds. Be aware that the party can't start a new quest until you have finished your solo quest.

If the solo quest is taking too long and the party wants to resume questing, they can ask the solo quester or the party leader to abort the quest.

Quest with only one Participant Prevents Party from Starting New QuestEdit

Sometimes one person in a party starts a quest without allowing fellow party members to join. This prevents the rest of the party from starting their own quest. If the quest initiator refuses to abort the quest after polite discussions and if it looks like the quest will take very many days to complete, the party leader can abort the quest. If they are not available, a party member can post a request for assistance by clicking on the Help menu and then selecting "Report a Bug" (even though this is not a bug, it is acceptable to follow these instructions to ask for this kind of help).

Consumption of Quest ScrollEdit

After starting a quest, the scroll you clicked on to begin the quest and send the invitation to your party members will be consumed and thus removed from your inventory. Note that the removal/consumption of the scroll only occurs after you start the quest, thus:

  • the scroll remains in your inventory while still in the "invite phase"
  • the scroll remains in your inventory if you or the party leader cancel the quest before it begins
  • the scroll will be removed after the quest begins, but will be refunded if the quest is aborted before it is ended/completed (reload your inventory page if you don't see it); see below for more information on Aborting a Quest

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Completing a QuestEdit

Boss Quest Completion Pop-up

A pop-up appears containing the quest's on-completion text and rewards.

Upon quest completion, each party member who accepted the quest and participated until the end will receive all of the quest rewards and an achievement badge noting completion of that quest. If there are other quests in the quest line, they will be unlocked for all players, but as of December 2016, only the quest leader will be given the next scroll if one is listed as a reward. Even quest participants who are Pausing Damage when the quest finishes will receive all quest rewards so long as they are part of the quest.

Repeating QuestsEdit

Quests can be repeated as many times as desired, as long as the relevant scroll is bought or obtained for each iteration of the quest. All participants will be awarded the relevant XP, gold, and any items that it is possible to have multiple versions of (e.g., food, potions, eggs) as usual. Because eggs from pet quests will be awarded again, repeating pet quests is a cheaper way to obtain all pets/mounts in a set than buying those eggs with gems. Because it is not possible to have more than one copy of a piece of equipment, equipment rewards will not be duplicated for any user that already possesses the item. However, if the user has lost the item (such as via death), the item will be restored by repeating the quest. The quest achievements list on a user's profile and Achievements page indicates how many times a given quest has been completed.

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Aborting a QuestEdit

A red button reading the word abort can be seen below the explanation of the quest's mechanics.

The abort button for a quest.

The player who started the quest (the quest owner) and the party leader are able to abort it by navigating to the party screen, scrolling to the bottom of the quest box, and pressing the "Abort" button. A warning message will appear asking for confirmation before the quest is aborted. The quest scroll will return to the quest owner's inventory and can be used again without additional cost.

If the quest owner is removed from the party by the party leader, a new quest owner will not be assigned. In that case, the quest can only be aborted by the party leader, even if the original quest owner rejoins the party. If a quest needs to be aborted in this situation and the party leader is absent, one party member can post a request for assistance by clicking on the Help menu and then selecting "Report a Bug".

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Quest TypesEdit

Boss QuestsEdit

Fiery-gryphon habitRPG

The Fiery Gryphon, an example of a boss.

A boss will appear in the party sidebar with HP. Completing To-Dos, Habits, or Dailies will cause damage to the boss, with damage proportional to the task's value, and modified further by the player's Strength. The Burst of Flames and Brutal Smash skills also deal damage to the boss. Players can visit the Data Display Tool or go to the party page to see the damage that will be delivered to a boss.
Boss Quest Details

Boss quest details shown on the Party page.

A boss quest started at the end of the day will accrue damage to the boss for tasks accomplished and skills used on that day before the quest was started.

The boss will damage all quest participants if any participant has missed Dailies. The amount of damage from a Daily is based on its value and difficulty, and on the boss's strength. The damage is reduced if the Daily has a checklist with some of its items completed; if all checklist items are completed, the boss will not cause any damage from that Daily. The damage expected from each incomplete Daily can be viewed using the Data Display Tool.

Players should be mindful of this potential extra damage, in addition to the normal damage from their own uncompleted Dailies, and may need to more frequently ask for a healing skill or use a Health Potion. The damage from a boss is even applied to participants who are resting in the Inn or who have already died from earlier damage.

Damage to the boss, the party, and the player is meted out when each player's Cron runs. However, a player might not see the damage messages in the party chat until they have clicked on the "Fetch Recent Messages" button that is next to the "Send Chat" button.

Rage Bosses Edit

Rage boss

A rage boss is a special kind of boss for regular quests that does both damage to the party and has a rage bar. Missed Dailies are multiplied by the boss's strength, which raises the rage bar. When the rage bar fills, these bosses trigger a rage power - usually recovering some of their health, but other effects are possible as well.

World BossesEdit

Quest dilatory drag'on.png
Main article: World Bosses

A world boss is the boss in a special type of quest where all users of Habitica are involved. All users are rewarded upon its completion. Damage is done to a world boss in the same way as to a normal quest boss: by completing To-Dos, Habits and Dailies, and by casting Burst of Flames or Brutal Smash, which are Mage and Warrior skills, respectively.

Collection QuestsEdit

Collection quests entail finding a certain number of specified items through the completion of Dailies, To-Dos, and positive Habits. Any task that might result in a regular drop can also yield a quest item; however, the two drop systems operate independently. As there is no boss to fight, no extra damage is taken from failing to complete Dailies. Similar to boss quests, a collection quest started at the end of the day accrues quest progress for tasks accomplished previously.

A screenshot of the quest details for a collection quest on the party page. It shows a list detailing the number of items collected by the party members thus far, as well as the storyline of the quest.

There are currently no limits on how many quest drops a player can receive on a given day, though higher Perception does increase the number of drops that can be received. Rogues and other players who have obtained a high Perception may excel at collection quests because they have a higher chance of receiving drops.

The Rogue skill Pickpocket will never yield any collection items, because it is not a task completion action.

Even players who have not yet opened up the food, pet, and potion drop system can find quest items for collection quests; there is no minimum level required. However, low level players have a low Perception, and as such, may not find any collection items on a given day.

For collection quests that involve finding multiple types of items, even if a party has found enough of one type of item but has not completed the quest, quest participants may still continue to find copies of that item.

A crosshair is displayed to the left of the notification icon. It has been hovered over and is displaying a bubble detailing how many items (2 items) have been found by the user in their collection quest.

Players can view the number of drops received that day by hovering over the crosshair icon on the top right corner of the website, but the party page will only tally items a player has collected after Cron is run. The number of drops received can also be viewed on the Data Display Tool.

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Pet QuestsEdit

Pet quests are a type of quest that yield pet eggs as part of the reward. Both collection quests and boss quests can potentially be pet quests. Players who complete a given pet quest once will be able to purchase those pet eggs in the Market.

Most pet quests give 3 pet eggs each time completed as one of the rewards-the exception is Egg Hunt, which rewards 10 eggs and Trapper Santa/Find the Cub and world bosses which reward pets and mounts not eggs.

The player can still obtain those pet eggs by completing the quest again without having to purchase eggs from the Market. For example, if you want to hatch all 10 pets from a given quest, you can either complete the quest 4 times to get 12 eggs (a cost of 4 gems x 4, or 16 gems), or complete the quest one time to get 3 eggs and purchase the other 7 eggs (a cost of 4 gems x 1 + 7 eggs x 3, or 25 gems). It is therefore less expensive to complete the quest multiple times to get more eggs, especially if party members each take turns purchasing the scrolls.

Quest (3 eggs each)
Inventory quest scroll penguin
Quest Total
Pet Egg Egg
Market Total
Gem Total
Total Eggs
Pet Egg Egg
4 (12 eggs) 4 16 -- -- -- 16 12
3 (9 eggs) 4 12 1 3 3 15 10
2 (6 eggs) 4 8 4 3 12 20 10
1 (3 eggs) 4 4 7 3 21 25 10

Tip: You can use the two extra eggs you get from doing the quest the fourth time to hatch two of the eggs into mounts if you want to have both the mount and the quest pet.

Quest LinesEdit

Main article: Quest Lines
Over the history of Habitica several quest lines, a series of quests that are completed one after another, have been released. These included the Trapper Santa quest line of the first two quests in Habitica, four legendary equipment quest lines, and now gold purchasable quest lines starting with the Dilatory Distress quest line.

Quest Difficulty Edit

There is a wide range of quest difficulty. For boss quests, this is determined primarily by the boss's strength and health points, though rage bosses add to this difficulty. There are many easy starter quests for beginners which are great for low level players or players new to questing, a number of challenging quests which form a good challenge for experienced Habiticans, and a range of medium difficulty quests.

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List of Quests - Types, Availability, and RewardsEdit

A list of all quests released to date, including information about type, availability, and rewards, is available as a sortable table.


When someone accidentally buys too many of one particular pet quest scroll, refunds can be requested for the extra quest scrolls if the player asks in the Report a Bug guild (even though it's not a bug, it's okay to ask there for that specific request since it needs help from an admin).

However, one scroll that was bought as part of a Discounted Quest Bundle will not be refunded because all those scrolls are offered together at a cheap price. If someone bought an entire bundle that they didn't want and hadn't used any of the scrolls, they could request a refund for the entire bundle. If they had already used one scroll from the bundle to start a quest, they would need to cancel or abort the quest to regain the scroll before a refund can be given.

Adding a QuestEdit

Quest ideas can be proposed on the Habitica Quests Trello Board. Information on how to create images for quests (e.g. boss art) can be found on the Guidance for Artisans page. You can also contribute by writing a quest on the Habitica Quests Trello Board. See Script Credits for authors of existing quests.

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Known BugsEdit

Party Member Did Not Damage Boss or Find Collection Question Items

Description: This bug may affect you if you think you should have damaged your quest boss or should have found items for a collection quest, but you don't see any messages in party chat about your quest progress when you Cron.
Solution: *Be aware that quest progress is not applied until the day after you have ticked off some To-Dos and Dailies. So if the quest started today, you will see quest progress tomorrow, and this is not a bug. You do not need to report anything here.
  • If your quest started yesterday or earlier but you don't see messages in party chat about your quest progress, click the "Fetch Recent Messages" button. If you now see a message about your own quest progress, then everything is working correctly and you can stop reading here.
  • If you still don't see your quest progress message, look at the quest box on the party page. Does your name appear in the list of participants? If it does not, then you are not participating in the quest. This could be because you joined the party after the quest started OR because the quest owner or party leader started the quest before you accepted the invitation. If the quest has not progressed very far, the quest owner might want to abort the quest and then restart it (the quest scroll will reappear in their Inventory for re-use). You do not need to report this situation here and there is nothing that admins can do to help.
  • If none of those points are applicable to you, please post in the Report a Bug guild. If others of your party members have the same problem, please tell us that too, but you don't need to give us their User IDs (we can find them in your quest data in the database). We will then be able to fix the problem for you.

If you aren't sure about any of this, ask a question in the Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild (Help -> Ask a Question), and we'll give you advice there.

Octocat habitica Issue #4174

Quest Owner Removed from Party but Quest Remains

Description: When a quest owner of a pending quest leaves the party, the quest may still remain and cannot be canceled by the remaining users.
Solution: Requires assistance from an admin. Leave a message at the Report a Bug guild.
Octocat habitica Issue #4753

Gaining Extra XP Doesn't Trigger a Level Up

Description: When a quest finishes and grants you enough Experience (XP) for you to level up, or when the Enchanted Armoire grants you enough XP to level up, the actual level update doesn't happen.
Solution: Tick off a To-Do, Habit, or Daily. This will increase your level. None of your excess XP will be lost.
Screenshot(s): ExtraXP
Octocat habitica Issue #2433

Information for Developers

This section contains information of interest to Habitica developers. It is not of use for normal gameplay or task management.
Show/Hide the Information for Developers

The information in this section might be out of date. If you find incorrect information, please update it or delete it. Ask in the Aspiring Blacksmiths guild if you're not sure.

The quest display code is split into multiple files within the folder website/views/options/social/quests. The files are connected through the main file, index.jade, which creates a mixin named boss. This mixin is used to add quest information to party pages (or in the tavern, if there is a world boss).

Definitions for all quests:
Current version of file: website/common/script/content/index.js
Older version with link to starting line: May 2017

Quest modals (AKA pop-ups):
Current version of file: website/views/shared/modals/quests.jade
Older version with link to starting line: May 2017
This file contains all of the quest modals. Specifically, the quest completion, information (quest is selected from inventory), buy (quest is selected from store), and invitation modals.

User model quest status:
Current version of file: website/server/models/user/schema.js
Older version with link to starting line: May 2017
These values are initially populated when a quest begins, and reset when a quest is completed or aborted (not completely when cancelled; see questCancel below). The variables within the progress array track how much progress (positive or negative) on a quest has been made since last Cron. The values are applied on Cron, and then reset.

Group model quest status:
Current version of file: website/src/models/group.js
Older version with link to starting line: June 2015
These values are initially set when a quest invitation is sent, and reset when a quest is completed, aborted, or cancelled. The status of each user in the members array is set to true, false, or undefined, depending on whether they have accepted, rejected, or not responded to a quest invitation.

Quest accept, reject, start, cancel, and abort functions:
Current version of file: website/src/controllers/groups.js
Older version with link to starting line: June 2015
There are five quest functions in this file: questAccept, questReject, questStart, questCancel, and questAbort.

questAccept is run when a quest invitation is sent to a party, and every time a user accepts a quest invitation; these situations result in different code being run. Which case is occurring (i.e., which section of code to run) is determined by checking whether a key is passed in. A key is only passed in when a quest invitation is sent, so if one is present, the invitation code is run, and if one isn't present, the user code is run. If an invitation is being sent, all users in the party (excluding the quest owner) have their Boolean value in the members array set to undefined, to indicate that their status is "pending". If a user is accepting a quest, their value in the members array is set to true. Both pieces of code end with a call to questStart.

questAccept is also run when a quest owner presses the "Begin" button. This causes a variable named force which is set to true to be passed to questAccept. This value will be used when questStart is called.

questReject is run when a user rejects a quest invitation. It sets the user's value in the party's members array to false, and ends with a call to questStart.

questStart checks if it is time to begin the quest, and if it is, starts the quest. It checks two things: 1) if force is true; 2) if all members have accepted or rejected the quest. If either of these are true, the quest will begin.

questCancel is run when a quest owner cancels a quest before it begins. This clears the party's quest progress, but not the user's quest progress. This is because this quest progress will be applied to the next quest that is started.

questAbort is run when a quest owner aborts a quest after it has begun. This clears the group and user quest progress, and returns the quest scroll to its original owner.

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