This software stopped working after 28 September 2017 when the website underwent a redesign.

Information about the change can be found at Habitica Redesign Fact Sheet & Habitica Redesign FAQ


Remove party damage notifications


Remove Group Damage Notifications is a simple CSS style that hides damage and buff notifications in the Party chat. This is useful for active parties that want to chat without searching for conversations in a torrent of buff notices.

However, the extension has a critical bug: it also hides any chat messages in which the current user has been tagged (with the @username markup). This bug cannot be resolved at the moment, as the website applies the same style class to notifications and user-tagged messages.


Before installing this user style, make sure you have one of the following installed:

Then, navigate to the website for this user style. Stylish users can load this style with one click using the green "Install with Stylish" button. Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey users can load this style with the "install this style as a user script" link in the blue box.

If the style has options, you should select the ones you want before installing it. On the website, you can do that by clicking the "Advanced Style Settings" button. To change your choice of options, delete the style and reinstall it.

After the style is loaded, you may need to refresh the page to see its effects. The style can be easily turned off and on with a handy checkbox that you can find by clicking the Stylish/Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey icon in your toolbar.