Through the toolbar you can experience the social side of Habitica. Explore the Party, Guilds, Group, and Challenges sections to see what other Habiticans are up to! This page provides a brief overview of the various social options, with links to other, longer pages devoted to each feature.

Toolbar social options

The social areas of Habitica are outlined in red


Main article: Private Messaging

Click the User Icon to see your private messages to and from other Habiticans. The messaging system is more useful than the Chat threads when you want to contact a specific party, guild, or challenge member or when you have an ongoing discussion with another Habitican.

Tavern ChatEdit

Main article: Tavern

Chat with others about everything from productivity to procrastination using Tavern Chat. See Daniel the Tavern Keeper for a room in the Inn to take a break from Dailies if you're going on a vacation or resting during an illness.

Enter the Tavern through the Guilds menu.


Main article: Party

Being in a party adds a deeper level of accountability to the game. Create or join a party with other Habiticans from around the world for encouragement, support, and camaraderie. On the Party page you can access your party's private chat, see any party challenges, and participate in quests together. You can be a member of only one party at a time and it is recommended your party consist of at least four people to maintain a high level of social accountability.


Main article: Guilds

Join with other Habiticans who share like-minded interests or goals in chat and challenges. While similar to parties with a chat page and potential challenges, guilds are generally more populous, there are no quests for guilds, and players can be in multiple guilds at the same time. When a party or guild has been active since your last visit, a notice will appear in the Notifications Panel.


Main article: Challenges

Compete and earn prizes by completing a set of tasks related to specific goals. Challenges can be open to the public or limited to members of a guild or party.

Group PlansEdit

Main article: Group Plans

Create and manage a shared task list for a group of people.