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A light orange notification bubble contains a starburst icon indicating a critical hit, with the following message: Critical Hit! Bonus: 136%

Strength improves the chance and magnitude of critical hits.

Strength (STR) is a character attribute that affects critical hits and damage done to a boss. It is the primary attribute for Warriors and the secondary attribute for Rogues.

This attribute increases the chance that a player will land a critical hit when scoring a task and increases the bonus gained from critical hits. It also increases damage dealt to bosses.

A player of any class can increase their own Strength by allocating stat points to it or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the STR stat. Warriors and Rogues gain an additional class bonus for wearing the STR-providing weapons and helms that are specifically intended for their class. 

Warriors can use the skill Valorous Presence to buff their own and their party mates' Strength by an amount determined by their own unbuffed Strength.


Specifically, Strength points have the following effect on critical hits and damage:

  • Increase the chance of a critical hit by 1% of the base value per STR point (initial chance is 3%, so a STR of 100 would double the chance to 6%).
  • Increase critical hit bonus (initially by around 2% per STR point, but gives diminishing returns - as STR is increased, each extra point of STR provides a smaller increase to critical hit bonus).
  • Increase damage dealt to monsters during boss quests by 0.5% per STR point.

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