Gamification of productivity is one of the main drivers behind Habitica. One example is the Tales of Uncommon Valor, a challenge active until 2014, in which for Habiticans retold their daily activities in the Tavern in the form of an adventure story. This introduced another level of gamification using RPG-like creativity.


Inspired by a friendly rivalry between two players in the early days of Habitica, Tales of Uncommon Valor predated the Challenge feature. It originated when one player decided to regale the Tavern with a tale about a battle against the dishes, to which the second player proposed a challenge to complete the dishes every day, with the winner being the person with the longest unbroken streak. The following few months filled the tavern with tales about exploding wok lids, races against time and a kitchen tournament before the victor was named. As the two members made this a regular daily occurrence in the Tavern chat, other players joined and incorporated other habits and tasks into their stories.

When the Challenge feature was released, the concept evolved to become an official Tales of Uncommon Valor challenge. The Tales have since fallen into disuse, but are no doubt waiting for a bold leader to take up the standard and renew the charge!

Rules Edit

The rules are very straight forward:

Delight your fellow inHabitants with your powers of storytelling! Convert at least one Habit accomplishment into an epic tale and post it in the Tavern (or post a link if your tale is too long for Tavern chat) tagged with #TalesOfUncommonValor (or Valour). A panel of judges will choose the winner based on style, humor, and cleverness in converting everyday happenings into epic-but-still-recognizable events.

Rules: Must be your own writing. Must refer to something you checked off in Habit during the time of this challenge. Multiple entries per month are allowed and will be considered individually.

Stories Edit

The stories are collected in a tumblr blog, subject to the author's permission.

See below to read a few of the stories, or here for the complete archive since the first official challenge, updated by our very own wiki contributor, Snellopy.

Selected Entries Edit

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