Advanced task options with attribute assignment visible.

Task Attributes are only relevant and visible if you have selected the task-based allocation method of assigning attribute points. This allows you to associate each of your individual Habits, To-Dos and Dailies with a particular character attribute. When you level up, you will automatically gain points based on the types of tasks you completed.

The four task attributes correspond to the four character attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, and Perception. Tasks are assigned to the Strength attribute by default, but this can be changed in the task's Advanced Options menu. (This setting only appears after you select the Task Based Allocation mode.)

(For more details, see here.)

Choosing Attributes for your TasksEdit

Although it is possible to assign any attribute to any task, some recommendations are:

  • Strength: relating to exercise and activity
  • Intelligence: relating to academic or mentally challenging pursuits
  • Perception: relating to work, or financial tasks
  • Constitution: relating to health, wellness, and social interaction

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