Ye olden days were filled with stories of knights and dragons. Deeds of heroes will be sung here.
One or two thalers will be exchanged for the deeds of our knights and scribes.

NB: Contributions to Habitica outside of the wiki will NOT be considered for a wiki/scribe Contributor Tier.

How to Help on the Wiki

For guidance on how to help, please read Guidance for Scribes (for wiki editors) and/or Guidance for Linguistic Scribes (for wiki translators) and join the Wizards of the Wiki guild.

Types of Wiki Changes that Earn Tiers

Tiers are awarded for changes made to the wiki's article pages but not to content in The Keep, the forums, blog posts, or on user pages and walls.

Small wording changes can sometimes improve an article but by themselves are not enough for a tier. Please be cautious with wording changes as it can be a matter of opinion whether one set of words is better than another. High quality content additions or improvements are preferred. Adding valuable content to stubs and new articles is much appreciated. Fixing grammar and spelling is appreciated but also is not enough by itself for a tier.

Applying categories to pages might add some value; unfortunately, this has been misused in the past as a quick method to obtain wiki points. Therefore, points from category badges might be ignored when checking eligibility for tiers. Please also be aware that the wiki has a formal system of categories so any category assignments that fall outside this system are likely to be reverted and not counted for tiers. Please ask in the Wizards of the Wiki guild if you would like clarification.

If you are uncertain about what kind of wiki changes to make, you are welcome to ask in the Wizards of the Wiki guild. Wiki admins can be contacted on their message walls (LadyAlys, Taldin, or Sonnet73) but the guild is often a better place to ask for advice.

Requesting a Contributor Tier

Wikia's points and badges system is used as a rough indication of when a wiki editor might be ready for a tier; however, the actual work performed is the main consideration, and tiers granted might not correspond to points gained. (Please note that when pursuing wiki badges for editing streaks, the cutoff time is in UTC rather than your designated time zone. You may want to keep that in mind if you're working towards earning those badges! For wiki editors living in places that obey Daylight Savings Time, be aware that your deadline for making changes will shift along with the time change as well.)

When you reach 100 points, come here and start an application below in honor of your contributions. We would like to know how you helped the Habitica Wiki grow, to make sure your Contributor Rewards are well deserved.

Applications for each tier can be submitted after gaining the following amounts of wiki points:

  • Tier 1: 100 wiki points
  • Tier 2: 300 wiki points
  • Tier 3: 650 wiki points
  • Tier 4: 1200 wiki points (NB: Applications for this tier will be forwarded to the Founders of Habitica for consideration, as the wiki admins do not have the authority to award this contributor tier.)
  • Tier 5 and above: Awarded at the discretion of Habitica's staff.

The higher tiers are always harder to get than the lower tiers.

If you already have a tier from some other way of contributing, then apply for the next tier (but if you apply for the wrong tier, you will end up with the correct tier, so it doesn't matter if you don't get the tier right in your application). For example, if you're at tier 3 (e.g., from being a Socialite, Storyteller, and Artisan), then apply for tier 4.

The entries in each application are checked manually to see how much they count towards tiers (which is why assigning wiki tiers is so slow).

Tiers will be awarded at the discretion of the wiki admins. If your application is unsuccessful, the wiki admins will advise you on the further contributions that are required in order for your application to be approved.

When tiers are assigned, it's usually for a body of work in a single field (e.g., a pure Scribe tier or a pure Blacksmith tier). Occasionally, there are case-by-case exceptions to this rule.

Once you've been awarded a tier, do not keep updating the same application; you can start a new application for your next tier. Also note that every contribution should be mentioned only on one application. For example, if you've added a section to the Pets page and mentioned it on your tier 1 application, and are then awarded that tier, then that contribution should not be included in your tier 2 application.

One overriding rule that can change everything else: The staff (and occasionally moderators for the low tiers) have final say over tiers and can make decisions that might conflict with the other guidelines. However, this would only be done for a good reason that seems fair to the staff and moderators. One recent example is the first tier given to WikiFAQ_bot - it was given long before a Socialite would usually get a tier, but it was clear that WikiFAQ_bot was being useful and the tier was awarded to allow the bot's name to stand out.

Starting your Application

Please begin your application by typing your Habitica username and desired tier (i.e., [Username], Tier [x]) into the box below and clicking the "Sing of your deeds" button.

This will take you to the an application template, which you can fill out and submit for the admins to review. If the template is not opening properly, please switch your default editor to the source editor under your editing preferences and try again. Please delete the application instructions/explanations within the brackets and add your signature (∼∼∼∼) before submitting.

Topic Last Edit Last Author
Vershul, Tier 308:24, August 18, 2017Hydrogen Peroxide
Altariel, Tier 101:52, August 18, 2017HabiticaAltariel
Azuran (yamo25000) +3 to Tier 314:42, August 17, 2017Yamo25000
Awarded: RandomGryffindor, Tier 514:28, August 17, 2017LadyAlys
2 tanners, Tier 222:56, August 15, 20172 tanners
Athabascan Brad, Tier 100:52, August 15, 2017Athabascan Brad
Arikaeli, Tier 207:57, August 5, 2017Arikaeli
Jazz17, Tier 116:41, July 23, 2017Brenobattaglin
Scea, Tier 308:28, July 20, 2017LadyAzur
Dracindo, Tracking Tier 7 Progress12:04, July 19, 2017Dracindo
Dfpy737, tier 102:19, July 12, 2017Dfpy737
2 tanners, Tier 113:30, July 6, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Thiam, Tier 2 and 311:37, July 5, 2017LadyAlys
Alex Pankhurst, +1 to Tier 307:02, June 26, 2017Alex Pankhurst
Katzalina +1 Tier to Tier 315:34, June 21, 2017DepriCat, Tier 601:59, June 14,
Csrman, tier 101:31, May 26, 2017186.216.148.17
Balkoraz, Tier 118:38, May 14, 2017Balkoraz
Smailkiller, Tier 104:47, May 9, 2017LadyAlys
Dwienie, Tier 108:01, May 6, 2017CTheDragons
Ponder1226, +2 to Tier 611:10, April 22, 2017Ponder1226
Fallacymania Team, Tier 122:01, April 17, 2017Fallacymania Team
Awarded: Hirun Meepage, Tier 123:41, April 14, 2017123.231.123.114
Lucasbramos, +3 Tier 503:15, April 8, 2017LucasBRamos
AestheticEggroll, Tier 100:16, April 8, 2017AestheticEggroll
DrChicken24, Tier 117:19, March 20, 2017DrChicken24
Secretly a dragon, Tier 406:13, March 15, 2017AmazonWarrior
The Knights Chambers04:38, March 9, 2017Sonnet73
Awarded: Ponder1226,Tier 423:28, March 7, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: NetworkTobi, Tier 209:19, March 5, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Wariannem, +1 to Tier 709:08, March 5, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Hwthwu, Tier 108:46, March 5, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Myoshu, Tier 302:50, March 1, 2017Ponder1226
Awarded: StormAngel, +1 to Tier 204:50, February 26, 2017LadyAlys
Acqua027 Tier 104:17, February 26, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Tr1p, Tier 404:10, February 26, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Rodmentou Tier 403:51, February 26, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Scea, Tier 1 and 203:30, February 26, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded - Thepeopleseason, Tier 217:34, February 18, 2017Sonnet73
Snowdeath, Tier 212:16, February 5, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Amazon Warrior, Tier 311:57, February 5, 2017LadyAlys
Ameliasalamacha, Tier 111:53, February 5, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: JoshDaEpic, Tier 111:42, February 5, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: StormAngel, Tier 111:28, February 5, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: CTheDragons, Tier 710:55, January 30, 2017LadyAlys
CakeKnight, Tier 601:53, January 27, 2017LadyAlys
Awarded: Alex Pankhurst, Tier 209:30, December 17, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: SweetenedPoison, Tier 109:18, December 17, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Mark17, Tier 309:08, December 17, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Scarvia, Tier 108:36, December 17, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: MiaBaby, Tier 108:22, December 17, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Lucasbramos, Tier 207:54, December 17, 2016LadyAlys
Akirassasin, Tier 211:06, November 22, 2016Akirassasin
IMaicon, Tier 105:11, November 20, 2016IMaicon
Ariel, Tier 301:20, October 24, 2016PirateAriel
Dancerinsox, Tier 620:24, October 20, 2016Irishfeet123
Awarded: Blablux, +1 to Tier 622:53, October 9, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Purplatypus, Tier 622:45, October 9, 2016LadyAlys
JustMatt4Now18:13, October 8, 2016Justmattfornow
Awarded: Aveiro, +1 to Tier 209:58, October 8, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Akirassasin, Tier 109:35, October 8, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded:, Tier 309:23, October 8, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Irishfeet123, Tier 509:18, October 8, 2016LadyAlys
Cläric, Tier 211:44, September 28, 2016Fauxpunk
Dracindo, +1 or 2 (currently Tier 2)13:31, September 9, 2016Dracindo
Rubyleehs, Teir 115:01, September 8, 2016Rubyleehs
Awarded: Sulfirh, +1 to Tier 609:02, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
TetoIsGreat, Tier 408:52, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Missyvecc Tier 408:49, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Janetmango, +1 to Tier 708:44, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Mister B, Tier 108:38, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Ianardo, Tier 108:37, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Mirre, Tier 408:36, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Binnyva, Tier 108:30, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Daniel Debert, Tier 108:28, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Joeywoneill, Tier 208:27, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Shadowstar70712, Tier 108:24, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
JerseyGirl01, Tier108:19, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Numberland, Tier 508:14, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
TheFlyingOctopus Tier 108:10, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Metsatron, Tier 208:06, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Dee Cee, Tier 207:52, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Dracindo, T1 (or higher) L. Scribe + T1 Scribe06:29, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Racobot, Tier 306:17, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Rodmentou, Tier 1, 2, 305:16, August 7, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Wariannem, Tier 508:26, June 18, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Sonnet73, Tier 3 and 401:48, June 15, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: BeanieB, Tier 1 and 210:51, June 12, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: NightOwl, Tier 2 and 315:13, May 15, 201694.6.214.13
Awarded: Lexinatrix, Tier 110:23, March 26, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Daniel Cousland, Tier 110:14, March 26, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Sonnet73, Tier 210:10, March 26, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Lupus Callidus tier 110:14, March 12, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: The real tenko06:39, March 5, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Numberland, Tier 407:49, February 24, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Walderich, Tier 2 - 2015-11-1507:45, February 20, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Joeywoneill, Tier 107:02, February 20, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Sonnet73, Tier 106:58, February 20, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Phantom818, Tier 106:46, February 20, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Bryozoan, Tier 106:39, February 20, 2016LadyAlys
Awarded: Maître Grenadine, Tier 114:40, January 2, 2016Grenadine
Awarded: Numberland, Tier 2 and 310:37, December 13, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Janetmango, Tier 106:59, December 12, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Irishfeet123, Tier 4 - 2015-11-1620:57, November 15, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Mirre, Tier 3 - 2015-11-1620:51, November 15, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Numberland Tier 1 - 2015-11-1620:46, November 15, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Riverstone, Tier 209:29, October 14, 2015LadyAlys
Maxh, tier 306:39, September 27, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Purplatypus, Tier 506:32, September 27, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: SmokeMaster, Tier 106:28, September 27, 2015LadyAlys
Mathemagician, Tier 306:05, September 27, 2015LadyAlys
Radium128, Tier 406:04, September 27, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Anothersphynx, Tier 605:57, September 27, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Snowbu, Tier 1 2015-08-0806:12, August 8, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Janetmango, +1 to Tier 6 2015-08-0806:12, August 8, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded - Sd, +1 to 400:50, August 2, 2015121.209.243.61
Awarded: Irishfeet123, Tier 308:51, May 16, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Janey p, Tier 408:47, May 16, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Mantha, Tier 1 - 2015-04-1908:02, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Itokro, Tier 307:54, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Katsura, tier 107:47, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Rbrinkley, Tier 3 - 2015-04-1907:38, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Leephon, Tier 707:31, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: TetoIsGreat Tier 307:20, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Sarena, Tier 107:20, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Jamagotchi, Tier 107:20, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Janetmango, +1 to Tier 5 - 2015-04-1907:20, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Purplatypus, +1 to Tier 4 - 2015-04-1907:20, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Irishfeet123, Tier +1, 1 and 2 - 2015-04-1907:19, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Anothersphynx, Tier 2 - 2015-04-1907:19, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Mathemagician, Tier 1 - 2015-04-1907:18, April 19, 2015LadyAlys
Taldin, +1 to Tier 722:58, April 18, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Schmitty, Tier 107:57, April 4, 2015Rbrinkley
Awarded: Leephon, Tier 307:57, April 4, 2015Rbrinkley
Awarded: Fioskal, Tiers 1 and 213:02, February 16, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Purplatypus, +1 to Tier 2 and Tier 311:30, February 16, 2015LadyAlys
Awarded: Missyvecc, Tiers 1-311:05, February 16, 2015LadyAlys
PaceAscension, Tier 101:26, January 8, 2015Breadstrings
Andrew, 1st Tier01:23, January 8, 2015Breadstrings
Awarded: RealBG, Tier 101:17, January 8, 2015Breadstrings
Awarded: Rbrinkley, Tier 201:07, January 8, 2015Breadstrings
Awarded: Janetmango, +1 to Tier 400:48, January 8, 2015Breadstrings
NightOwl4321, Tier 100:29, January 8, 2015Breadstrings
Awarded: Purplatypus, Tier 100:13, January 8, 2015Breadstrings
Awarded: Darks Lanfear, Tier 213:09, October 27, 2014Breadstrings
Blazingchaos, Tier 113:00, October 27, 2014Breadstrings
AndroidAdvocate, Tier 112:53, October 27, 2014Breadstrings
Awarded: Taldin, +1 to Tier 311:41, October 7, 2014LadyAlys
Awarded - Rbrinkley,Tier 111:33, October 7, 2014LadyAlys
Awarded: Han Solo, +1 to Tier 203:01, August 11, 2014Hann Solo
Awarded: Han Solo, Tier 100:45, August 2, 2014Breadstrings
Awarded: Darks Lanfear, Tier 100:40, August 2, 2014Breadstrings
Awarded - AxialGentleman, tier 212:05, June 15, 2014Breadstrings
Awarded: Kanzenhoshi, Tier 123:08, June 13, 2014Breadstrings
AxialGentleman, tier 113:52, June 2, 2014Wc8
JuryDuty, Tier 113:50, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Thepeopleseason, Tier 113:50, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - JessicaChase, Tier 113:49, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Nutter, Tier 213:49, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Nope, Tier 113:48, June 2, 2014Wc8
Under Review - A.G.Gomez Tier 113:41, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Eiron Page, Tier 213:41, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Luveluen, tier +1 to 313:40, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Waldere, Tier 313:40, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded: Annoliyte, Tier 313:40, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded: AlexMcG, Tier 113:40, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Sd, Tier 113:39, June 2, 2014Wc8
Hold - MekanikStik, Tier 113:39, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Nutter, Tier 113:39, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Waldere, Tier 213:39, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded: Leephon, Tier 113:38, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded: Leephon, Tier 213:38, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Joy2b, Tier 113:38, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - JessicaChase Tier 213:37, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded: JessicaChase, Tier 313:31, June 2, 2014Wc8
Awarded - Sd, +1 to 310:30, February 11, 2014Breadstrings

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