This article is designed for players who are new to Habitica. Below is a short list of places that may be useful and beneficial to a newbie.

The Basics Edit

  • What is Habitica? - Is a great starting point for many new users to Habitica. It summarizes all the basic information that a player will need to know about Habitica.
  • The Habitica FAQ list in the Help menu - Answers to the most common questions that a newbie might have.
  • Bailey the Town Crier
    NPC Bailey Town Crier
     - If you saw a green girl peeking at you from the top of your screen, but weren't quite able to read her announcement before she disappeared, go to User Icon (person-haped icon in the top right corner) Settings > Site > Show Bailey to bring her back. You can also access older news on the Habitica Wiki by clicking on the link at the bottom of Bailey's announcement box.
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    News Options

  • Loading Page Tips - If you find that the tips on the loading page are helpful, you can visit this page to read them all.
  • Habitica Wiki - Here on the Habitica Wiki, you can read up on anything you don't understand. In particular, the Newbies Category lists the pages most likely to be useful for new users.

Social Edit

  • Tavern
    NPC Daniel Tavern Keeper
    Visit the Tavern to introduce yourself and chat with your fellow Habiticans about many different topics. There are many experienced Habiticans willing and able to answer most questions posted in the Tavern.
    • The Inn is also located here. If you are sick, going on vacation, or need a break, Pausing Damage freezes your Dailies so that your avatar will not be harmed during your inactivity.
Public Guilds iOS

The Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild is a welcoming place for new players. Feel free to ask questions there.

  • Habitica Help: Ask a Question Visit this guild if you need to know anything about how Habitica works or how to set up your tasks. No question is too small! (You may post questions to the Tavern, but Habitica Help: Ask a Question is a better place for them since answers tend to scroll off the chat log too quickly in the Tavern.)
  • Party Wanted Want to join a party, go on quests, and do battle with ferocious monsters? The Party Wanted guild is updated daily with party offers and advertisements, as well as Habiticans looking for a party to join. You may only join one party at a time.
  • Guilds Guilds can roughly be termed as interest-based chats. The Guilds Guide wiki page lists many of Habitica's guilds and may help you find ones that match your interests. There is currently no limit to the number of guilds a Habitican may join.
  • Challenges There are plenty of fun challenges to take part in that may align with your own goals, providing more incentive for you to try to succeed. There may even be gem rewards given to the winner(s), depending on the challenge.

To look for challenges on the website: go to Challenges > Discover Challenges. There, type in keywords or use the filter options to find the right challenge for you.

On the apps, go to Challenges and choose Public Challenges. You can search for keywords or filter by guild and whether you own a challenge or not.

Help Tab Edit

Help menu

The Help tab in the toolbar displays various helpful options to acquaint yourself with Habitica.

  • FAQ - Takes you to an FAQ page. This FAQ is much shorter than the Wikia FAQ, focusing on answering the most common questions that users have.
  • Overview for New Users - Takes you to the Overview for New Users page, which has some basic guidance on getting started with Habitica.
  • Report a Bug - Takes you to the Report a Bug guild for reporting bugs with Habitica and seeking assistance when a bug affects you.
  • Ask a Question - Takes you to the Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild, the best place to ask a question; our intrepid band of helpful Habiticans can help!  
  • Request a Feature - Takes you to the Trello card for feature requests on Trello. You will need to create a Trello account to make any suggestions. 
  • Contribute to Habitica - Takes you to the list of ways you can help improve Habitica and get contributor tiers.
  • The Habitica Wiki - Takes you to the Habitica Wikia home page.

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