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School can be tiring and stressful, but with Habitica, a player can easily beat procrastination and manage schoolwork! By simply using Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards to motivate themselves, they can get the grades they desire!


Positive HabitsEdit

Use + Habits to praise yourself for things like such as:

  • Understanding a subject completely
  • Receiving a good grade on an assignment or assessment
  • Studying for a long period of time
  • Keeping an organized studying area
  • Reading a chapter before class

Negative HabitsEdit

Use - Habits to discipline yourself for things such as:

  • Procrastination
  • Receiving a bad grade on an assignment or assessment
  • Having a disorganized studying area


Editing a Daily

Use Dailies to keep track of your classes and when you need to study.

Dailies are great for things you plan to do at least once a week. Things like weekly quizzes, scheduled study sessions, or a plan to read a certain amount of pages each day are good things to use for Dailies.



An example of a task list

To-Dos are great for big tasks, such as:

  • Long essays
  • Studying for important tests
  • Group assignments

They can also be used for motivation or reminders for smaller tasks, such as:

  • Completing a short homework assignment
  • Studying for quizzes
  • Remembering to bring an item to school

Checklists are a useful feature for To-Dos. You can divide your assignments and schoolwork into a list of steps. And, you get additional gold and experience after checking them off!


Rewards Section

A person can't expect to have amazing grades if they don't award themselves! Make sure to use your Gold Points to purchase some rewards. You can also get creative and customize them!

Some examples of customized rewards are:

Scene video games
  • Play your favorite game for 30 minutes
  • Watch an episode of your favorite show
  • Use some fancy bath products (e.g. bath bombs or bath salts)
  • Drink hot chocolate or tea
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • Get a manicure or pedicure (You can even do it at home!)

Additional TipsEdit

  • Create a separate Tag for each of your subjects. Keep the Tag selected while you add new tasks to automatically sort them into that Tag. Working from a specific Tag can keep you focused.
  • Set due dates to your schoolwork To-Dos. You can set a due date on the Due Date section of the To-Do Edit screen.
  • Join a Party to motivate yourself to complete your tasks! Having other people lose health becausing of a player's actions really inspires them to finish their dailies.
  • Set start dates to Dailies that you add in advance and and it will not be active until the set start date. Imagine you check your syllabus and see that your final exam is on December 20th. You decide to start studying one month in advance, so you create a Daily with a Start Date of November 20th. It’s still September, so your “Study for final” Daily isn’t due, and it won’t hurt your avatar. But when November 20th rolls around, that “Study for Final” Daily will pop up in your list, reminding you to open those books and get cracking!


Guilds that are focused in learning and goal-setting can be helpful toward completing your schoolwork. See the School Work and General Accountability guilds.

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